5 Tips for Choosing a Content Marketing Agency

So, do you want to grow your business online? In 2021 it only makes logical sense for businesses to want to achieve digital transformation. As Covid-19 continues to impact businesses worldwide, the best solution is to go digital which means, hiring the assistance of a content marketing agency. When it comes to bringing your business online, you’ll need an SEO consultant or an SEO agency to help. Learn about the benefits of acquiring SEO consulting services for digital transformation. Let’s explore 5 tips for choosing the right Content Marketing Agency.

SEO Consulting Services

First of all, what is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy for making websites search engine friendly. More often than not, websites are created just to look pretty but not to rank organically in search engines. This is basically because a website developer is not an SEO consultant.

SEO techniques are required if you want your website visible to the masses. Furthermore, once your website is getting noticed by Google, how can your website rank on the first page for your desired keywords? An SEO consultant will go about choosing low competition keywords to use on your website. These keywords are the exact search terms that your ideal client is using when they search for your product or services in search engines.

SEO consulting services involve on-page SEO like keyword research, website content, optimized pictures, and creating hyperlinks between your pages. Off-page SEO will focus on backlinks that include guest posts, and directory listings. SEO consulting services may also include technical SEO requirements like schema tags.

If all of this sounds complicated, that is why an SEO consultant is required. Let an SEO professional take care of ensuring your website ranks on Google, so you can focus on your business. Let’s see how you can find the best content marketing agencies or SEO professionals for your company.

5 Tips for choosing the right Content Marketing Agency.

Hire someone who understands your business.

Benefit from a free consultation before hiring an SEO agency. Be sure the SEO consultant really listens to your needs and does thorough keyword research. By choosing someone who really gets your business, you’ll have optimal results. Here, you will need to trust your intuition.

What have they done before?

Be sure to ask what the SEO consultants’ history is. Have they ranked other websites to google? Did those websites make it to the first page? Be sure to investigate their credibility before committing to any SEO consulting services.

What is included in their SEO consulting services proposal?

It’s important to be critical about what they are offering you. For example, how many blog posts will they publish? An SEO Content marketing strategy needs to involve regularly publishing website content in order to get noticed by google. So, if they say one blog post per month that is not sufficient. Ideally, a new blog post should be published weekly, if not daily. The more aggressive the blog posting, the better off your business will be. Also, inquire about whether or not they’ll acquire backlinks for your business. Backlinks are just as critical as on-page SEO.

What are their guarantees?

When an SEO agency guarantees results, you must be critical of such. For example, if your business is highly competitive, it’s more difficult to offer guarantees. Like, if you’re a personal trainer and want to rank for the keyword “personal training” you best believe there is a lot of competition around this keyword, so good luck actually ranking to the first page of Google. However, if your desire is to rank for “personal training” in your small town, there is a greater chance of success. Make sure to have this conversation with your SEO consultant. Ask about the use of long-tail keywords and low competition keywords for optimal results.

Last but not least, what pictures will they use for SEO?

That’s right, not only words are necessary for SEO, but pictures too. The pictures you use on your website are important for search engines. If possible, stay away from stock images and always use original photos. If your SEO consultant is not requesting original photos, I would be hesitant to squire their content marketing services. Your website needs to be filled with your unique products and/or services with the necessary alt tags assigned to each photo.


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