5 Tips to Double Your WotLK Gold Farming Profits

It’s hard to get to a point in the majestic world of Azeroth that you don’t need at least just a little more gold. Whether it’s new equipment, a new mount, or just daily grinding supplies – everything you do depends on your gold bank. Basically, your gold determines your entire playing experience and can either make the game very fun or very tedious. WotLK gold farming is particularly difficult because-as the game has increased in popularity-more and more Chinese gold farmers are crowding the major gold farming locations hoping to make some real money.

First off, whether you love them or hate them, it’s probably a good thing to realize that you probably aren’t going to be able to compete with professional gold farmers. They’re doing this for their bread and butter, and they’re gonna be there taking up most of the space in almost any WotLK gold farming area.

I’m sure you’re wondering about now, “Well, what am I supposed to do then? Buy gold from these players because the game is getting too crowded?”

Buying gold is a bad idea, too – Blizzard will smite you pretty quickly no matter how discrete you may think you are. All of these gold farmers are on their radar, and they’re watching the gold to see where it goes.

If WotLK gold farming spots are dead, and you can’t buy gold – the only solution left is to use lesser-known gold farming methods instead. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Essence of Air Farming

This is one of the better gold farming methods as you can easily make 500g+ quickly. The mobs that you’re looking for is in North West Silithus. They will also drop Breath of Wind and Elemental Air, which are common mats you can either sell at the Auction House or use them yourself. Be careful not to kill the Elemental Boss, though, because it will halve your mobs and it will become much more difficult to farm!

Iceweb Spider Silk and Borean Leather

Another great farming spot can be found in Zul’Drak where the Trapdor Crawlers spawn (a little north of the Argent Stand to be specific). These mobs drop Iceweb Spider Silk as well as Borean Leather, both of which sell really well on the Auction House. You can average about two or three Iceweb Spider Silk per minute, which turns out to be a pretty nice chuck of gold per hour.


Okay, this one isn’t exactly the most exotic mat-but it’s really profitable. Not many popular instances have wool drops and not many humanoids drop it, either. Even so, Wool is extremely popular for Tailors who are trying to level up their profession, and its scarceness makes it one of my favorite mats to farm.

The best place to farm Wool is the Stockades (only applicable to the Horde, unfortunately). If this doesn’t work for you, I’d suggest looking in the Southern Wetlands where there’s quite a few Gnolls that would be more than willing you drop you their Wool (they respawn quickly, too).

Mining for a Profit (finally!)

Mining has been pretty rough lately and a lot of players have just up and swapped professions in frustration. Ore has been very difficult to sell because of the sheer amount of mining bots (automated player characters that are made to perform a specific task) that have been flooding Azeroth.

Blizzard has finally put the ban-hammer down on these malicious economical disasters, however, and mining and herblaism is once again a profitable profession (Adder’s Tounge is around 18g a stack again).

This is pretty server specific, so I’ll just suggest looking at your local Auction House to see what ores and herbs are going for what price. Find one you like, and get out there and get your hands dirty to make some serious gold.

Dominating the Auction House

Sometimes it’s more profitable to know what’s valuable on your server and resell it rather than taking the time to farm everything yourself-especially if you’re out of the level range for certain mobs. Grab yourself a good Auction House guide (I could write a book on just the Auction House, so I won’t be going into it here) and you’ll be living the rich life no matter what server you’re on.

Source by Alice Drescher