7 Tricks to Stay Focused While Moving Long Distance

Without a doubt, moving home is one of the most stressful tasks anyone can go through, especially if you’re moving long-distance. You need to call the removalists, set up new utilities, redirect mail, dismantle your possessions…the to-do list is truly never-ending, and most of the time, you will be hoping for a few extra hours in the day.

Since the universe won’t make an exception and give you 26 hours a day while you’re moving, you have to rely on other things that will ensure you remain focused on the task at hand and make your move as smooth as possible. Here are a few tricks that will help with productivity, energy, and focus as you move homes.

Stay motivated to pack with a checklist

Many people report feeling utterly confused when moving. This feeling is directly connected to not having a clear packing plan to rely on. Imagine the confusion of tacking all the things at once, and then imagine following a detailed and logical plan that will ensure your packing goes smoothly from day one to moving day.

Having a packing plan will ensure you’re focused and motivated. It will tell you when to start packing, where to put your boxes, which items to put where and which items need to go first, and which last. And if you’re not the best at making plans, you can still find a handy packing checklist to print out and fall on.

Declutter before packing

We have thousands of possessions at home, many of which we totally forgot about. There’s no point in moving these obsolete things—they will take away from your precious time, energy and focus. Decluttering before packing will save you time, money on supplies and transport, nerve, and a lot of back pain.

Ask for help

When you realize that you have many things to pack alone, it’s easy to get discouraged, so make sure to ask for help. You can either hire professionals or ask your friends to jump in. Both can keep you motivated in different ways (with money or words of praise), so don’t tackle packing and moving alone.

Stay healthy

If you’re tired, hungry, and thirsty, staying motivated to pack and move boxes will be really hard. Also, if you don’t take good care of your health, you can get sick just like that. Keep your energy high and your health in good shape by practicing healthy eating, setting up a good hydration schedule, and getting plenty of sleep. When it comes to food, ordering a pizza is indeed the easiest route, but healthy home-cooked meals provide you with more energy. You can stock up on healthy foods in advance, prepping meals that will last you a few days and refueling with healthy snacks like nuts, protein bars, and fruit. Plus, they serve as a tasty refreshment that can pick you up instantly! Also, make sure to stay hydrated with water. Still, if you need an extra push, you can rely on tasty smart drinks that will come in handy with keeping your energy up, boosting your productivity, improving your sleep, and making sure you’re healthy and fit in general.

Minimize distractions

No matter if you’re a multitasking genius, you’ll realize sooner or later that handling multiple things at once will slow down your packing and leave you exhausted mentally and physically. Instead of making a common moving mistake and multitasking, put all your effort into one thing (packing), and you won’t need to reset your focus every time you switch from task to task. In general, distractions are horrible for focus and productivity, and things like ringing phones, loud TV noises, and kids running around can ruin your schedule.

Prevent procrastination

Remember to fight procrastination whenever you reach for your phone or move things for tomorrow. Repeating that staying focused will get you to finish work sooner, which will leave you much more time for having fun, napping, or enjoying your old place. Plus, you will get to bask in the satisfaction of your successful packing!

Treat yourself

Another great way to remain focused is to divide your moving process into smaller tasks to boost efficiency. However, imaging finishing a few smaller tasks and having absolutely no gratification—that’s not good for your focus and motivation. In that case, reward yourself with some treats after every finished task. For instance, after you pack your garage, see a movie; after you pack up your kitchen, have a nice dinner out; after you finish everything, have a spa day. Keep in mind that rest breaks are not a good reward since you need to take these regularly to stay focused, healthy and sane.

Moving long distances is a huge chore with a lot of stress, but you can minimize confusion and maximize focus by employing these tricks. You will have a packed house just in time for moving!