Achieving a Sharp Businessman Look in Six Steps

Let’s face it: albeit the personality wins the heart, looks matter, too – and all the more so in the busy business arena nowadays. If you want to impress your colleagues, clients, and associates, you need to dress according to your title and meet objectives. Still, achieving a smart businessman look is not an inborn talent for just about everyone, and trends also change now and again. To help you score a top-notch business look, you will need to either experiment on your own at a high risk of failure – or take a quick look at these six tips and tricks and style yourself like a boss.

Comfort, front and center

This one goes without saying – when looking to make a great impression, you will need to feel comfortable in your clothes. This does not mean that you can dress like a slob: your attire needs to be in line with the dress code and occasion. Make sure your attire is blemishless and freshly ironed, but never forget that you must feel at ease in it to appear confident and professional. In addition to that, you can experiment with accessories that express your personality, even though it might be of a slightly casual note, for as long as you do not go overboard with your private fashion statement.

The right shoes for the bill

Another important aspect of your top-notch business look, your shoes need to fit the style and color of your clothing. Mind you, and this does not mean it is necessary to shoeshine your wingtips daily, nor that they need to be exclusively in the true-blue business style. Still, your shoes have to convey the message that you know your clothing well and have enough cash to pay the price of a properly made pair of footwear. As the adage goes, a man can be judged by his shoes, and if you cannot afford a solid pair of casual shoes, you might as well call the meeting off.

A solid watch is a must.

Time is money, and every business person knows it all too well. To achieve a sharp, professional style, make sure you are wearing the right watch for the occasion. Your wristwatch needs to match your attire in terms of style and color for best visual results since an odd combination could come across as unprofessional or slapdash. If you are on a tight budget, the best investment you can make would be at least an old-school wrist-worn timepiece that will communicate to your clients and associates that you mean business and that time matters to you.

A stylish wallet

These days, sharp business sharks no longer carry cash and use credit cards instead – and they need a neat place to keep them. In case you want to pack your cards like a true boss, you might as well ditch old-school holders and get your hands on a sturdy yet sleek carbon wallet. That way, all your cards will be safe, well-organized, and conveniently stored and ready to use, and you will also be able to raise a few eyebrows on account of your on-trend pocket ware.

An elegant business suit

Another must-have for a modern professional, a sharp business suit will not go wrong in any setting – and it will also give you the confidence and appeal you crave to project onto others. To achieve the best impression, it would be excellent if you could get a tailor-made suit and trousers to go with a freshly ironed, plain-colored shirt. As for the color, dark hues such as black or blue will not go amiss, but you can also try out light or muted tones such as beige in case the rest of your attire plays well with it.

A sleek tie is optional.

Last but not least, you will need at least two professional-looking ties to round off your business look. Though the color may be subject to personal experiments, it would be best to stay away from weird patterns or overly bright tones as they will send a message that you are not to be taken seriously. For best visual effects, go with an old-school dark tie that properly complements your suit and shoes, and make sure it is well-ironed before you put it on.

Staying on-trend with the constantly changing fashion trends is not difficult. Still, it may get tricky to show up for a high-level international business meeting or a big company event. While casual style is far more approved of than in the past, you still need to invest a decent amount of forethought and money in pulling off the sharp look that will land you any deal you are eager to take home. If you are still here, your dress-up work is halfway done, so match your colors and accessories like a pro. You are welcome!