Acupressure For What Ails You

Twenty years ago, doctors found a large tumor in my abdomen and insisted that immediate and radical surgery was the only remedy. I was solemnly warned that any type of physical activity would likely be disastrous – running, jumping and dancing were absolutely taboo (I was a professional musical comedy actress at the time); and it was stressed that if I did not have the surgery now, the best I could hope for was a colostomy; worst case scenario, I would die. I chose to listen to a small inner voice that said there was a better way for me.

One month later, I went back to the same doctors and had the same tests – not once, but twice – the tumor was gone.

What had happened in the interim? I found a healer who helped me to tap into the potent Universal Energy source in my own mind, body and Spirit to dissolve the tumor.

That energy is available to each and every one you, and one of the easiest ways to tap into it is the ancient Chinese art of acupressure, which stimulates and channels the energy in your body’s acupuncture points and meridians, promoting your body’s natural healing abilities. By pressing and massaging certain points along these meridians, you increase your flow of energy, improve your circulation and release your tensions thereby dissolving the energy blockages that have enabled any dis-ease in your body.

In 1975, I was introduced to the most amazing Chinese Doctor of Acupuncture. Whenever I felt ill or uneasy, I underwent three acupuncture treatments, and voilá! All was well. In 1995 while in Hawaii, my brother introduced me to his Japanese acupuncturist. That was a completely new, different, yet equally effective treatment. I loved these highly skilled and inspiring practitioners, but they were both about 30 years my senior and closed their practices almost simultaneously. Now what?

Acupressure. I already knew where most of the important acupuncture points were located, and I was able to find charts and help online and from my healer colleagues. Whenever I am in pain, or under the weather, I choose the points that match where I want to send healing energy, gently press or massage them and channel the energy flow.

Recently, I had a sinus infection that affected one of my back molars. I was in a lot of pain and unable to get to a dentist, so I decided to try acupressure – and it worked. Not only did it relieve the pain, it cleared up the infection within three days. My tooth is fine; had I gone to a dentist, the nerve would have been perceived as dying and the tooth pulled.

Can you replicate my success and gain relief with acupressure? Absolutely.

There are a myriad of books, DVDs, charts and videos available online and in stores to help you locate and tap into the energy points on your body and marshal the flow of the energy the Chinese call “Chi”, channeling it to increase oxygen to your brain and your blood, enhancing your well-being, relaxing you and transforming the functions that your body performs to balance and heal itself. Most importantly, acupressure can instantaneously relieve, and in some cases, eliminate pain.

Reflexology, massaging the points on your hands and feet is also a highly effective way of realigning and balancing your energies, and has the added benefit that you can do it anywhere easily and unobtrusively.

If you are reluctant to try acupressure on your own, in addition to the traditional acupuncture with needles, Shiatsu and Reiki, healing therapies that work specifically with your body’s energy system, both use acupressure points.

Wellness is an art; one that has been practiced by the Chinese for centuries. By applying acupressure to stimulate your body’s natural self-healing ability, you amplify your ability to focus and direct your vital energies; you tap into Universal Source Energy. You imagine yourself as healthy, happy and abundant. And, so you are.

Source by Patricia Daniels