Basic Applications of Flying Star Feng Shui in Your Home

Do you know that a certain part of your house affects you the most? Have you ever wondered why houses in the olden days are square or rectangular in shape? By the end of this article, the answers should be very clear to you.

Once you master the information I am about to share with you, you can easily impress your friends and family with this knowledge. Let me start off by introducing the concept of Flying Star Feng Shui…

Flying Star Feng Shui is used to determine happenings in a house or a space basing on calculations. There are 9 stars involved, and each star has its own significance. Depending on the month and year, each flying star is positioned in each of the nine sectors.

If a favorable star is in a particular sector, then people occupying that sector, or family members which that sector represents will have favorable things happening to them. This also works the other way with unfavorable stars.

Today, you won’t be looking at the stars yet, but rather, you will get yourself familiarized with the sectors, and which family member does each sector represent. The sectors are positioned 3 sectors by 3 sectors. Only 8 family members are represented. The middle sector doesn’t represent any family member.

By knowing which flying star is in each sector, you can easily determine which of your family members are having a good time while also knowing which of them are going through a rough patch. Let me list out each sector and the family member which it represents…

Male Owner/Father – North West

Female Owner/Mother – South West

Eldest Son – East

Middle Son – North

Youngest Son – North East

Eldest Daughter – South East

Middle Daughter – South

Youngest Daughter – West

Now, I know that the list above might not represent every single family member and it might get a little confusing. Let me clarify those potential doubts…

Let’s say you are staying with your parents and you have an elder brother. So which sector represents you?The answer is the North East sector. This is not to be confused with the North sector (Middle Son). Many people are confused, they thought that being the second son also means that they are the Middle Son.

The only time the Middle Son sector is used is unless there are 3 or more sons. If there are 3 sons, then the 2nd son is considered the Middle Son. What if there are 4 sons?Then in this case, both the 2nd and 3rd son are considered the Middle Son. In other words, the North sector affects both the 2nd and 3rd son. The same concept applies to daughters.

Now, what happens if 3 generations stay under the same roof? There is no sector representing grandchildren. In this case, the grandparents are represented by North West (Grandfather) and South West (Grandmother). The parents are also represented by the same sectors North West for Father and South West for Mother. Basically parents and grandparents share the same sector.

What if you are staying alone?

In this case, it depends on whether you are male or female. If you are staying alone and you are male, then your sector is North West. If you are female and staying alone, then your sector is South West.

Now, if you noticed, old houses in China are usually in the shape of a square or rectangle. Why is it so? In terms of Feng Shui, a square or rectangle has the best Feng Shui. The reason is because all 8 sectors are intact.

Nowadays, many houses are irregularly shaped. This results in missing sectors. And missing sectors result in missing family members. In less severe cases, that family member which the missing sector represents will seldom be home. Always preferring to hang around outside. In more severe cases, that family member may either migrate or worse, die of terminal illnesses.

If you want a house with good Feng Shui, first make sure it is a square or rectangle. I wish you luck and health.

Source by Marco Chong