Bilingual Marketing – Profit from Two Languages in Promoting Websites and Business

If you run an internet business, you should benefit from these tips about bilingual marketing. If you are running your business in an English-speaking country, then you should analyze which second language your potential customers would like to use to find your website and buy from you.

If you are running an internet business in a non-English speaking country, you should make sure to have an English version of the site, too. That will give you access to millions of more potential customers.

When you plan your online visibility in two languages, you have 3 options:

1. Bilingual website divided into two domains

You can keep your two language versions on two different domains. That will give you the advantage that you can have keyword-rich domain names in the relevant language or use national domains as we have with and

2. Bilingual website divided on one domain, but two subdomains

This is another option, as the subdomains will function as two domains. But you can also set it up, so the main site is in the root of the domain, and the extra language is in a subdomain like we see with Yahoo: as the general English language version as the French version of Yahoo.

3. The bilingual website is divided into the second language version in a subfolder. This is a prevalent approach to a bilingual website, and it will function fine for a smaller site. On the other side, you will not benefit from some special possibilities for the promotion through bilingual marketing.

It has been possible to include an automatic translation script on the English language web pages for some time. The script using Google’s translation service will then translate the concrete webpage to the desired language when the visitor is just pushing a button. Scripts exist to translate English texts into Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Chinese language.

Just imagine a situation where you’re working for a client with an assisted reproduction clinic in the USA, and that is expanding to Brazil. You will have a plugin that will translate Assisted Reproduction into Reprodução Assistida or Egg Freezing into Congelamento de Óvulos. Doing this manually would probably take you much more time and money spent. So a plugin can be handy in this type of situation.

At the moment, such translator scripts are more for marketing purposes, as the quality of the translated text is very different from what a human translator could do. On the other hand, the translated text will definitely give the visitor an impression of what the webpage is about. If you make links to the translated URLs from other websites, you might get extra traffic through the search engines.

You can see an example here at Free Articles

Improving visibility with free articles

Many marketers have realized that writing and distributing articles for free reprint and use is one of today’s very best marketing tools. Such article marketing rides on the power of viral marketing. When each article is uploaded to article directories like,, and, they will live their own life in cyberspace and promote your ideas, backlinks, and branding for years to come.

When you have a bilingual capability yourself, it will give you a nice advantage, as you can distribute your articles in two languages.

Source by Soren Breiting