Business Concepts Have Changed Over the Years

From the age of nineteen years I have not worked for a boss. This was the time that my career took a steep curve away from my ambitions and led me to a new path in life led by my spirituality. Most of my life until that point had been geared towards a medical degree and neurosurgery, my preferred branch of that discipline. The Spirit had other plans and a bad car accident saw an end to those dreams but it led me to a more fascinating and extremely powerful role that would take many turns.

My new path was in the business world where my first lessons were on dealing with people who were in the market for property. My success with them was largely due to the honesty with which they were treated. There was no hype, no over the top promises, but a genuine regard for their needs and an understanding of their situation.

In today’s business world, however, this is a rare event. Now it is all about money and big business. Companies that were once just small family owned affairs are now thriving multi-national companies with branches in many parts of the country and some even overseas. One of the choice spots to produce goods, for instance, is China while many overseas Companies came to Australia and bought up local businesses here with the profits going off-shore.

The mood of business has changed all over the county and now politics is also involved. Free Trade Agreements signed with China, Japan, the USA, and others, with several more in the pipe-line have put added pressure on money-making rather than service. These are things that leave me cold and are well beyond my concept of a good life.

People are acting upon their own hunger for money and most want a name on a contract and money in their pocket. In my opinion this has seen a great slide in service and a decline in quality. It doesn’t matter what the line is the same scenario exists. Even in politics it is rare to find someone who is straight with people and trustworthy, although the small business operator usually is that one. The twists and turns and cover up of policies intended to create wealth is also a political issue.

Businesses dependent on good policy or at least favourable outcomes are now pumping money into the parties of their choice who are most likely to deliver them. This is another form of business that is crippling the economy. Genuine small businesses with far less capital are pushed aside for the bigger ones that have more muscle because of an influence over ministers.

Over the years just about every type of trick has been witnessed by me in my time in business Eventually the time came when it was shown to me to close the doors and walk away, which is virtually what I did.

Money was not an issue because with memory of reincarnation and knowledge of the real God, the Spirit of the Universe, which reminded me that the wealth people crave is not the solution to happiness. The inner self has no use for it and the happiest day of my life was walking away and turning my back on man-made business practices and starting a new life with far greater rewards.

Source by Norma Holt