China SEO – A Great Platform For You To Establish Your Business

With the advancement of the internet, a lot of Chinese people would like to shop and learn through it. You can find that the e-commerce sector is generating a large proportion of production for China in recent years. Before Chinese people try to buy a product, they would spend the time to search at home online and get the basic information about the product. If they find that some products online are cheaper than the products in the stores, they would definitely purchase online.

This created a lot of chances for businesses to use SEO techniques to target these Chinese people and promote the sales. China SEO has become a hot topic for people to study in recent years.

A survey conducted in 2009 states that there are more than 70% of internet users in China who would search something through search engine. This percentage is increasing from year to year. Therefore, search engine has become something crucial in the internet life of a lot of Chinese people indeed.

China SEO is a kind of technique that businessmen have to understand nowadays. In China, the major search engine is not Google. Instead, it is Baidu. As you may know, different search engine would actually use different methods to calculate the rankings of a business website and they would provide different ratings for the SEO techniques being used. Therefore, the e-commerce websites would have to understand the unique culture of those China SEO techniques and alter the existing techniques used in other parts of the world.

Since China is a large country, a lot of users actually want to establish a long term relationship with websites and they would not mind referring this good website to the others and form a network of supporter for the website. Therefore, these characteristics would encourage businesses to spend efforts to build a long term relationship instead of skimming the profits and then go.

In fact, there are more and more competitors for e-commerce businesses in China nowadays. The domain names registered in China has increased a lot from year to year and a lot of businesses are trying to have a Chinese domain name so that they can promote more efficiently. It is because some of the search engines would have a preference over the domain name origin. If you have domain, your website may have a higher ranking in the results page.

To conclude, doing SEO in China requires special attention and you should not directly copy the techniques that you use in your own country to this country. You should try to adjust the techniques and fit the unique culture of this country. When you are using the keywords, you should try to use some simple and understandable ones and you should try to connect your website to Chinese social networking sites. Yes, you can hardly find Facebook in this country so you should try to find the own social networking site in this country in order to promote your business well.

Source by Hosea Lim