Chinatown Singapore – A Glimpse of Cultural Colors

Chinatown is one of the more colorful and interesting area to visit in Singapore. It is steeped with the influence of Chinese culture. It is fascinating just to be able to take a stroll and finding yourself in an area suddenly unique in its own in an already unique country that is Singapore. It is probably for this reason alone that there are many hotels in Chinatown Singapore.

Several things you need to check out in Chinatown are:


The street architecture is in itself a fascinating display in Chinatown. The shop houses boasts of elements of design from Baroque and Victorian architecture.

You’ll immediately get to notice the array of colors – pastel colors to be exact.

Areas that would stand out are Pagoda and Temple street. You could easily head on over there and see what I’m talking about.


Where best to shop for China made goods than in Singapore’s very own Chinatown. Here you can shop for those trinkets that would make an excellent mementos for your trip. And if you have appetite for more eclectic or nicer (and expensive) things, you can also head on over to South Bridge Road to visit the cluster of antique shops.

Chinatown Singapore also boasts of several malls like, People’s Park Complex, Chinatown Point, OG, just to name a few.


There’s plenty of Chinese food around. So help yourself when you’re there. If you’re hunting for some good budget meals, better go to Smith Street where there’s row of fancy stalls with good ambiance and decent food.

Of course that’s not saying there are no European and other food variety nearby, because there are lots of it too!

I personally suggest you have some of Chinese grilled pork. Bak kwa as it is commonly known.


There are lots hotels in Chinatown Singapore too so accommodation is surely not a problem if you want to stay within this vicinity.

Whether you are staying for business or leisure, whether you are on a budget or money is not an issue, there are lots of hotels to choose from.

Some of the known hotels in this area are Furama City Centre, Hotel 81 Chinatown Singapore,and New Majestic Hotel just to name a few.

Of course there are many others and if you are planning on staying in this are, might as well check out the comprehensive list of hotels in Chinatown Singapore. This way, you can compare rates and facilities each hotel offers.

Source by Joshua Riley Chen