Chinese Dwarf Hamsters – Are They Right For You?

Have you ever thought of owning some Chinese Dwarf Hamsters but you’re just not sure if they are right for you? If you are, then better read on. Here are some facts that you need to know before you decide buying those little furry creatures.

Chinese dwarf hamsters originated from Northern China and Mongolia. Their scientific name is Cricetus Griseu. These hamsters grow between 7.5 cm to 9 cm in length and can weigh from 50g to 75g as adults. More often than not, they live 2-3 years on average.

Compared to the other types of dwarf hamsters, these hamsters have long and thin body proportions. They also have a slightly longer tail and more pointed nose. There’s no wonder why a lot of people who are not that familiar with these types of hamsters often mistaken them as rats. Their color is indeed very interesting. They have a black stripe that runs along their spines. Other than that, they also have white or ivory bellies that are considered as their Dominant Spots.

Even though these guys are small in sizes, they surely move very fast and are very active. With that, they absolutely need lots of room to roam. This entails any person who wants to own such type of hamsters to prepare a cage that has great space so their Chinese dwarfs can roam and play around. Other than that, owners also need to give these little critters some nuts, vegetables, commercially made mixes and hamster treats. These will surely make these Chinese dwarfs happy pets.

These animals have good temperaments. However, they can also be a challenge to some as they can be a bit timid and nervous at the same time. Since they are small pets that can move very quick, people may really have a difficult time handling them, especially children. But, as long as they are tamed, they can surely become anyone’s favorite pets.

Although dwarf hamsters are friendly and communal animals, Chinese dwarf hamsters are a bit different than the other types. They can become very aggressive with their roommates, especially the female dwarf hamsters. Since they are the dominant sex in Chinese dwarfs, they can really become quite difficult to keep together in one cage with males as the latter may end up dead. The best thing that any hamster owner can do is to have two females in one cage, given that they’re both introduced at a young age or have both female and male hamsters fully separated at all times. People need follow this idea unless they have trained their hamsters very well.

These are important facts that you need to know before getting your very own Chinese dwarf hamsters as pets. Perhaps, you’re still unsure if you will be buying your own hamster. Maybe, you’ve already decided purchasing one too. Well, what matters most now is you have the basic facts that would help you decide if these little creatures are really right for you.

Source by Ryan Tyler