Chinese Horoscope Compatibility and General Traits

The Chinese horoscope relates certain attributes of a person depending on the year they were born. Each year is assigned an animal in the horoscope with corresponding Chinese elements. The Chinese horoscope is somewhat similar to the Western Zodiac because they are both divided into twelve parts. A distinct difference between the two zodiacs is that the Chinese zodiac is divided into years instead of months.

This type of belief is often consulted for guidance in human relationships. The Chinese horoscope compatibility shows the general attributes of each individual born on a certain year and to which individual he or she is made to go well with. Below are the Chinese Zodiacs and Chinese Horoscope compatibility readings.

Rat – Rats are blessed with charm and appeal. They are aggressive, creative and very thrifty. Because of this, they make good businessmen, accountants and bankers. They are best partnered with a Dragon and a Monkey according to Chinese horoscope compatibility.

Ox – Those born under the year of the Ox are hardworking, methodical and can tolerate difficulties. They are naturally clever and creative but very down to earth. They are practical and honest and make good surgeons, dentists, architects and technicians. An Ox’s ideal partner is a Rat, Rooster or a Snake.

Tiger – The Tiger is a born leader made to fight and compete. They like taking risks and are often associated with trouble. They do well as military leaders, firemen and teachers. Chinese horoscope compatibility shows that Tigers are compatible with a Horse, Dragon or Dog.

Rabbit – Rabbits are happy and social beings. They know how to get people’s attention in gatherings and events. They can sense a person’s character and are very sensitive to falsehood. They make good brokers, receptionists, and pharmacists. Their Chinese horoscope compatibility signs are the Ram, Dog and Pig.

Dragon – Dragons are extroverts and are always in front of the fashion scene. Dragons can be great doctors, artists and architects. They are compatible with people under the signs of Rat, Monkey and Rooster.

Snake – They are romantic, passionate and well informed individuals. Extremely self critical and determined, they make good professors, writers and psychologists. They are best related with the signs of the Dragon and the Dog.

Horse – Horses are popular and hard workers. They are independent and self-willed which makes them great financiers and politicians. They are best related with the signs of the Tiger and the Ram.

Ram – Ram are elegant and charming but are also pessimists and hesitant. They are religious and talented. They can be good gardeners, entertainers and photographers. Chinese horoscope compatibility signs are the Boar and Horse.

Monkey – Monkeys are mischievous, clever and vain individuals. They are deep thinkers but can often be eccentric. They do well in the fields of trade, law and politics. They are compatible with Dragons and Rats.

Rooster – These people are industrious and diligent. They are good cooks, beauticians, and public relations agents. They are compatible with the Ox and the Snake.

Dog – Dogs are honest, loyal and with a sense of duty. Dogs make superior leaders such as priests and educators. They go well with the signs of the Horse and Tiger.

Pig – Pigs are honest, trustful and sincere. They are finishers and are keen in placing details. They make good doctors, bankers and businessmen. They are compatible with Rabbits and Rams.

Source by Nicholas Walster