Chinese New Year – Immerse In The Dazzling Festivity

The New Year is a time of celebration and commemoration for the Chinese, with abundant traditional delicacies and revered rituals. For many in China it is the time of reunion with the living and departed, instilling new resolutions and paying homage. Many traditions are practiced at this time of the year passing them onto the younger generations and making them part of this much preserved culture and tradition. The New Year starts with the new moon and from that day onwards is celebrated for fifteen days with much colour and fervor. Many legendary tales and myths have become part of the New Year and it is unclear as to when this commemoration began. But it is said that the inauguration of this valued phenomenon started during the Qin dynasty and since then has been celebrated each year.

The days before the New Year are spent in meticulous cleaning of the dwelling which signifies the termination of ill fortune while the New Year’s Eve is celebrated in a grand scale with a traditional meal of dumplings, symbolic of wealth and prosperity. Many deities refrain from consuming meat on the first day and all food are prepared the day before as it is believed that fire and knives bring bad luck. The color red is incessantly used during this time and red packets containing money are given to children by parents and other adults.

A prominent ritual during the New Year is paying respect for the ancestors and Gods and this is practiced on the second day of this extensive festivity. Also it is the time for married women to visit their parents, an act which they might not be able to engage in frequently. On the third day, relationships are renewed as this particular day is allocated for visiting friends and relatives. During the rest of the days many other rituals are carried out which include worshipping the Jade emperor of Heaven and the adjourning of the festival is signified by the enchanting Lantern Festival.

In Singapore the Chinese New Year is celebrated with much style and grandeur and massive crowds flock to experience the festivity and celebration. The celebrations are carried out island wide but three key locations excel in holding these robust activities. The most significant of these are Chinatown which is considered to be the much desired venue with colorful lighting and decorations as well as bountiful entertainment and performances. Many traditional as well as hip events are organized throughout the country enticing many travelers to immerse in the blissful celebrations and visitors are blessed with some of the best accommodation amenities such as Orchard Hotel Singapore.

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