Chinese Pollution Trends for 2006

The year 2005 revealed some real issues with China’s growing pains as it works into its Industrial Might and future superiority. Pollution is a problem for any growing nation and keeping up with the infrastructure in such a growing economy is not as easy as it looks. All industrialized nations went through their environmental growing pains and industrial revolutions. China is no exception, but China is truly fortunate to have nations to look towards like Japan, Germany, the United States, UK and Australia for answers to solve its mounting environmental issues. Currently at the top of China’s list is the need for clean water, that always comes first and with that a way to process human waste and industrial run off so as not to pollute its water or food supplies. Currently like many industrialized nations China has dead zone off her coastal areas, which are causing problems with fishing and health.

Many rivers in China are polluted as well, similar to our Hudson Bay not more than a couple decades past. The Flooding of Chinese valleys and farmland also lead to waste in the water supplies, making for unhealthy situations. Combine this with many of the Southern and Eastern Provinces, which have many people living with animals it is a recipe for disaster. China will need the world’s help and technology to solve these problems so it can continue it potential eventuality along side India and the United States as the most powerful nations on Earth. In 2006 China will continue to work on solving its pollution issues, but it will get worse before it gets better, as it takes time to build the kind of infrastructure they will need to proceed into their future as the dominant leader of that part of the World. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow