Complete Guide on Hair Extensions

Have you ever wanted to change the way your hair looks? The best method to spice things up and add volume and length is with the help of hair extensions. In fact, this is one of the best ways to get gorgeous hair without too much effort.

However, if you are new to this, different methods, techniques, and types of hair extensions might puzzle you. That’s why we have prepared this guide with all the necessary information for a complete makeover.

Type of hair extensions

Let’s take a look at several types available:


This type includes a small section of braided hair, while the extension is stitched into the original hair with the help of a needle and thread. If you take care of them properly, they can last between six and twelve months.


Clip-ins are widely available, easy to use, practical, and affordable. You can find plenty of choices, including waves, vibrant highlights, perfect curls, and others. All of them will beautifully complement natural hair.


When you don’t have time to deal with your hair, tape-ins are a great way to have a perfect hairstyle. They will provide you with a look that’s a blend between comfort and simplicity. Your hair will have a classy look without weighing too much.


Wefts are great for people who want to have hair extensions for a longer time. If you wish to attach them to your hair, you first need to make horizontal cornrows in your hair, which requires time and patience.

Micro hair extensions

Micro hair extensions are secured with the help of a silicone-lined bead. This bead is then fixed and tightened in position using expert hair tools. This method doesn’t require the use of glue or heat.


You can approach this process in two ways, by using hot and cold fusion. In the case of hot fusion, the hair roots are attached to the artificial hair, while cold fusion includes a heatless process. Regardless of your selected approach, they will mix with your natural hair.

How to choose the best hair extensions?

The most convenient hair extensions are halo and clip-ins because they don’t require the use of any adhesive, heat, chemicals, or glue, so there is no damage or hair loss.

When it comes to halo extensions, they provide a new standard and won’t damage hair health. The same goes for clip-ins. To install them, just tease your roots and clip them in. However, some people reported that clip-ins tend to pull on your hair, causing slight discomfort. But, if installed properly, you shouldn’t experience such problems.

How much do hair extensions cost?

It all depends on the extensions you want to buy. Also, keep in mind that the more extensions you get, the higher the price. For example, clip-ins cost around $200; however, length and thickness will affect the price.

The average price for tape-ins is $500, but the price of the application isn’t included, which might increase the costs. The more expensive types of hair extensions like pro-bonds and fusions will cost anywhere between $800 and $1,400 because the stylist needs to add 80-150 pieces of tiny human hair to your natural hair.

The price for a hair halo will depend on how thick your hair is. The more hair you have, the less it will cost you. Let’s say that for finer hair, you will have to pay $200, for medium $330, and for thick $430.

The most expensive is Indian hair extensions because they are made of high-quality, human hair.

Can hair extensions ruin hair?

When considering a broader perspective, hair extensions have the potential to damage your hair. First, you want to avoid using hair extensions heavier than your natural hair. The weight will cause your hair to break, which can be painful, followed by headaches.

The damage can also happen if extensions are attached too tightly. This combination of strain on your hair and weight can result in hair falling out, which is also known as traction alopecia. The hair around the hairline begins to recede, causing permanent damage.

To prevent this, you need to give your hair a break, especially if you wear permanent extensions. Visit a professional hair salon, where they can take extensions out and replace them properly.

Hair extensions can be an excellent way to enhance your hairstyle. We have suggested a couple of hair extension types, along with popular techniques. Keep these things in mind to find a perfect match and the hair look you deserve.

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