Cooking Vacations in Israel

To paraphrase a song by the satirical duo Flanders and Swann: “Food, food, glorious food. There’s nothing quite like it as glorious food.” Well that is definitely true of a cooking vacation in Israel. Where else in the world can you combine the glorious Mediterranean sun, a warm blue sea, a fabulous night life and some of the most awe inspiring and historically significant sites with a cooking vacation such as you have never dreamed of?

Israel is a tiny country; you can get from the north to the south in just 8 hours and at its widest point, it takes just 3 hours to get from east to west. Yet within this small space is crammed the culinary experience of a lifetime just waiting for you take your cooking vacation.

The reason for this is simple; Israel is a country of immigrants from all corners of the globe. Within Israel’s borders you will find cultures from Morocco, Russia, England, India, China, France, Italy, in fact from almost every country in the world. One of the things that people take with them when they immigrate is their cuisine. And in Israel, during your cooking holiday, you will discover just how true this is.

All across the country are many small restaurants set up by families whose roots began in another culture, who are just waiting to let you taste their authentic ethnic foods and show you how to prepare some of the most amazing dishes you have ever tasted. Your cooking tour in Israel will not just be an experience of sights, smells and tastes, but also a learning experience. You will return home with a whole new cookbook of recipes to amaze your friends at your next dinner party, and all thanks to your cooking trip.

Source by Idit Rosen