Does China Need Radical Change to Grow Globally?

Many contend that China needs to adjust the way they do things in the world, and that there are too many older folks running things now. This is an interesting topic, but one has to ask if indeed, bringing up the next generation to run the nation can be done without a huge amount of friction and civil unrest. Maintaining stability is essential for such a fast growing China, with GDP growth of nearly 10% year-over-year. Things are changing fast.

Still, those who see these changes claim that the good ole boy networks and the old way of thinking is causing instability due to the fast rate of change. Can changes be made in China to jump the generational divide? Some say yes, others see more conflict ahead as the power structure gives way to the new. Yes, excellent point, and indeed, a decent and realistic philosophical argument.

There are still many of the “old way” Chinese thinkers, many of which are in charge of major parts of China, still they have value because they have lived through much. Change is okay, but change too fast can cause crisis and chaos, the kind that there are few opportunities in. It is obvious to see the reigns of societal control slow to weaken, and no one should expect them to drop over night. In fact, to do so could cause more harm to individual Chinese citizens than changing nothing at all.

Stability must be maintained as China moves through these transition years, which could be several decades more. After all, it’s taken other nations 100s of years to go through the process and with well over a billion citizens to deal with, there is a lot at stake to get it done right. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow