English Grammar: The Need for Fluency

If you speak incorrect English do you feel embarrassed? Am sure you do. In these cases people might have trouble figuring out the English you speak and what you actually mean by what you say. Being fluent in English just increases your job prospects. One can have the passport to a more successful career and job. Many of those who don’t have adequate command over the language are often held back from promotion in both public and private sector jobs.

The following are the best five ways to learn English grammar.

1. LEARN THE RULES OF GRAMMAR BY HEART! Grammar is the key to rules of English language. It decrees how a statement is supposed to be put, how a sentence should be constructed and which word is used at which place. In case of mathematics we need to have our fundamentals of computation and formulas learnt before we start doing sums, the rules of grammar are somewhat similar. Easiest way to memorize is to copy it down in a notebook and then learn them up. Refer to them every time you have a doubt. It is important to have the basics and fundamentals of grammar crystal clear in your head. Refer to grammar books and keep referring to it. Solve more grammar exercises.

2. Cultivate the habit of reading. This is an alternative to constantly practicing grammar exercises. From novels to newspapers read everything you find. The more one indulges in reading, the more they will figure out the rhythm of sentence construction. Note the word usage and structure of sentences. Use the dictionary in case of any doubt.

3. Learn the nuances well. Get the concept clear. Know what you are studying. For example tense describes time. If you have started with tenses in your grammar exercises book ensure you study it well before shifting to the next topic. Do one topic thoroughly in and out before going to the next. Keep practicing a topic till you are sure that you know it very well and have no doubts. Concentrate on one topic at a time and do not do two or more topics at a time. It will be very confusing.

4. To learn something means to learn the mistakes first. Know the most common mistakes people make and make sure you do not make similar ones. Easiest thing to do is to search the internet and find a list of most commonly made grammatical errors and don’t repeat that.

5. Be involved in learning. It is always fun to know new stuff, learn newer things. It is as much of fun as sports or perhaps videogame. Enjoy what you learn. There are a host of new interesting things which you discover everyday. Like there is fun in solving mathematics sums, there is fun in learning grammar. If one isn’t enjoying and learning, there are high chances that one gets bored and might be reluctant to learn and hence lose out. There is going to be no shortcut to learning English grammar. It is going to be hard work but you’ll know at the end, it was all worth it! The wonders of knowing English is such.

Source by Charles Nocis