Feng Shui Products That Attract Love

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, dating back 300 or more years, is a skillful combination of art and science. Symbolism Feng Shui, a specific portion of Feng Shui practice, is the awareness of luck enhancing symbols and knowing how to position them in a way to best benefit you and those around you. When these objects are placed according to Feng Shui, they can become potent items which greatly affect your chi. Many people display Feng Shui symbols in places around their home because it is a simple concept to learn, and it will significantly help you in life, by creating good fortune, wellbeing, wealth, happiness and unity.

By using the same symbols representing love as were used in China centuries ago, you will be able to attract a partner who will love you unconditionally, revitalize the love energy in your home, and infuse abundant romance into your life. Below are some of the symbols which have been used for years by Feng Shui follows, to enhance your love luck and improve your current relationship or marriage:

Mandarin Ducks – A potent symbol of a successful marriage filled with affection, romance loyalty and love is a pair of Mandarin Ducks. These ducks represent these meanings because they mate for life, and are grief stricken if they lose their partner – they often never find another spouse because they have lost their soul mate. In Feng Shui, the lifestyle of the Mandarin Duck is highly regarded as a potent manifestation of the love between married couples. If you are single, the Mandarin Duck pair will bring to you your one true love. If you are married, the pair of Mandarin Ducks is sure to keep the marriage stable, loyal and happy. Simply keep your pair of Mandarin Ducks close to you to reap all of the blessings they have to offer.

Rose Quartz – Out of the family of quartz stone, Rose Quartz is the most sought after, due to its strong and potent relation with love luck. Because it has many Feng Shui benefits for all aspects of love, it is known as the “Love Stone”: it can help singles find their life partner, enhance the quality of a current relationship, allow you to fix the problems in your marriage, and infuse romance into your life. In addition to creating love with a partner, Rose Quartz also helps you to develop a love for yourself, which is the foundation of all love.

Double Happiness Symbol – This icon representation of everlasting happiness is very widely used in Feng Shui practice. This sign is comprised of the two Chinese symbols, assembled next to each other, for the word “happiness”. This is said to be a manifestation of joy among married couples and an inseparable love for each other; this is shown by the two lines which connect the characters. For those who are seeking a partner for life, the Double Happiness Symbol will serve to bring you one; for those who are already married, this item will bring many Feng Shui benefits to your relationship. The Double Happiness Symbol enhances both physical and emotional love.

Mystic Knots – Used for centuries to create endless love, this “love knot”, “infinity knot” or “lucky knot” is believed to bond two people together forever and provide smooth sailing in the relationship. Because it is formed in the shape of the number 8, a figure with no end, Buddhists believe that it is the sign of eternal wedded bliss. The Chinese also follow this meaning because, when displayed on its side, the Mystic Knot is the icon of infinity. Due to these reasons, the magical Mystic Knot is a manifestation of all that is eternal, together, loyal and loving.

Peonies – Also known as the “Mou Tan”, the Peony is the national flower of China. For many centuries, it has been written in literature to attract love luck and stimulate romance. In Chinese, this flower is called the “Flower of Riches and Honor”, and the Chinese people highly revere it as the queen of all flowers. For the matriarch, the Peony will enhance luck and increase feminine beauty, also developing young love.

Dragon and Phoenix – This pair is a representation of the perfect balance between male and female; while the Dragon is an icon of the potent male Yang, the Phoenix realizes the power of the female Yin. The power and might of the courageous Dragon is in ideal harmony with the graceful queen of all that is beautiful, the Phoenix. This pair is united for all time, and is the ultimate example of wedded bliss and the perfect environment to have and raise offspring.

Source by Jenny Lin