Forget the Paparazzi Watching You Sunbathe – China Is Watching With Spy Satellites

Okay so, I am a little bit of a military historian, and unmanned robotics buff. The other day, I was on a small social network which has to do with small model airplanes and drones, and someone tried to “friend me” who happened to sell equipment such as model airplanes that had cameras on them, and he specialized in offering the use of these toys to paparazzi. I thought to myself; oh, great here is someone that wants to use small model airplanes to invade people’s privacy.

Then I got to thinking that our privacy is being invaded all the time due to spyware on the Internet, and people invading social networks. And yes, our government does quite a bit of spying too not just on evil doers or terrorists, but on our own population. Of course, our government isn’t the only one doing the spying. China spies on its own citizens, and has 6000 industrial spies in the United States, and is launching more spy satellites, some of them pretending to be research projects.

There was an interesting article in SpaceDaily Online News titled; “China to launch experimental satellite in coming days,” by Staff Writers in Jiuquan (XNA), published on Jul 29, 2011, which stated that China was launching an experimental orbiter in the coming days. The orbiter, SJ-11-02, will be carried into space by China’s indigenous Long March II-C rocket, the Shijian series satellite and rocket are surveillance satellites cloaked as research projects.”

Just what are all these satellites flying over the United States doing? Obviously, they are flying over the United States trying to estimate what our military is doing with black projects, and if they feel like it, they are probably watching Paris Hilton sunbathe in her Malibu beachfront home. Suffice it to say, there is no privacy in the world, no matter where you are on the globe anymore. They can watch you coming and going, and see what you are viewing online, they know which television programs you watch on cable TV, and just think of all the government data you fill out on forms.

Okay so, maybe I shouldn’t be so worried about a sales man from the paparazzi sector that sells unmanned do-it-yourself drones and model airplanes. Indeed, the paparazzi are going to get the information they want one way or another, just like the Chinese spies or how we learned that a British tabloid was getting their dirt. Anyway, this is interesting information, and I thought you should know. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this, and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow