Gender Calender For a Boy Or Girl Baby – Is This Science Or Superstition?

I sometimes get emails from readers wanting me to go over either Chinese, astrological, or numerology gender calendars as they relate to conceiving a girl or a boy baby.  I have done a bit of research on these calendars to determine why the interest is there.  I believe that at the end of the day, people want to believe that they have some control over their baby’s gender using simple techniques.  The good news is that I do absolutely 100% believe that you can chose your baby’s gender.  The bad news is that I don’t believe that a Chinese, astrological, or numerology calendar is going to help you to achieve this.   

I’ve searched for reliable science on which these Chinese calendars are based and I just don’t find it convincing.  When you only get one chance at success, I believe that it’s prudent to have cold, hard science on your side.  Sure, it’s fun to use astrology and numerology for decisions that make no real difference, but if you’re really serious about determining your gender outcome, you may want to look at if and why these things supposedly work.

It is my belief that you don’t need a special calendar to help you get the gender that you want.  Any basic, free or cheap monthly /yearly  calendar is going to be one of the tools that will work just fine.  I’ll explain more below.

Why A Basic Calendar Works Better Than A Chinese Gender One: At least in my opinion, the only monthly device that you’re going to need here is the kind that you’re often given for free or can print off of your computer.  Sure, it’s cool to know that if you’re a Gemini or you’re a tiger, you’re luckiest days are after the 20th or something similar.

But, what if you could know for sure which days were the best to get a girl? What if you could pinpoint the exact day to conceive a boy for which you had scientific proof?  You actually can.  Here’s what science tells us about gender selection.  Boy producing sperm and girl producing sperm respond very different to different situations and to stimuli.  Girl sperm is hardy and slow moving, but boy sperm is uncharacteristically weak but fast moving.

For a girl conception, you want to conceive early as this relates to your ovulation day.  For a boy, you want to conceive late. Specifically, for a son, you want to wait until the day of ovulation (or one day following) and for a daughter you want to limit yourself to 3-4 days before your egg is ready. 

But, how can you find this out? Get a reliable ovulation predictor. Again, this is based on science. These predictors gage your bodily fluids to measure the changes that show ovulation is approaching.  These can basically test blood, saliva, or urine.  I like the saliva predictors because they are more flexible and cost effective.

See what I mean about that plain, ordinary calendar? When you are using science rather than superstition, you can be confident that the date(s) that you circle on this are actually accurate.

Source by Sandy Dean