Go Beyond Traditional: 8 Gift Ideas for Your Business Partners

Giving a gift to your business partners is often a lovely way to remind them that you appreciate your cooperation and that you value the relationship that you’ve established so far. However, choosing a perfect gift for your business partners might be slightly tricky, especially if you haven’t known them for long or if they’re from a fundamentally different culture than your own. But, it’s safe to say that some of these suggestions will be the right choice, so read on to find out more.

A wine opener gift set

Wine lovers tend to enjoy collecting accessories related to this drink, so a wine opener set is very likely to make them happy. Besides, this type of gift is very elegant and nicely packaged, but what’s inside is what matters: a stainless steel corkscrew, together with a bottle pourer and a stopper. If your business partners enjoy drinking wine, then this is a perfect gift for them!

A Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are practical and so convenient especially when outside, and you need something to listen to some music at a louder volume. In case one of your business partners is a music buff, then this gift will surely make them happy and appreciative of your business relationship. Just make sure to choose a high-quality speaker that they’ll definitely enjoy!

Business development books

Giving someone a book should always be done carefully, especially if we’re not personally close to that person. So, you might be tempted to give your business partner the best self-improvement or a chilly murder mystery to enjoy, but to issue is, you don’t know them that well, so you cannot be sure whether this type of gift will match their tastes. That’s why a book on business development will surely be right up their alley — especially if it’s a book you also read. And in case you choose a book that is closely related to your field of business, then that’s definitely a plus.

Some exercise equipment

Some people are really passionate about working out and being physically active, so if your business partner is such a person, then some exercise equipment might be a good gift idea. Sure, you’d need to know their exact preferences, but if you’re unsure, it’s not a big deal. Gifts such as reusable bottle water, yoga blocks, resistance bands, or a fitness planner are all useful accessories that any fitness aficionado will appreciate having in their collection.

Something fun for outdoor activities

Many people from the corporate world are also huge fans of camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Choosing a gift for outdoorsy people is usually fun because they tend to be appreciative of every single thing that will make their adventures easier and more fun. Therefore, opting for an automatic otf knife is a great idea if your business partner loves to go camping because in that case, having a sharp tool is a must. Also, a backpack, a hydro flask, a quick-drying towel, or a water-purifying pen are great gift suggestions that you might consider.

A local specialty

This gift isn’t only sentimental, it also signifies your local pride, and chances are, your business partners will enjoy any type of (practical) gift that is closely related or symbolizes your (or your company’s) hometown. Just make sure not to engrave the or the name of your business on the gift. Aside from being tacky, it’s also impractical if the item is meant to be used every day. Gift-giving isn’t a time to promote your company or services.

A gift basket

A gift basket is a lovely present, especially if you want it to be a local specialty as well. For example, you can find business owners who produce their own sweets or cosmetic products and put them together in the basket. That way, you’re not only being considerate, but you’re also promoting small local businesses, which is always a good and noble thing to do. Of course, it would be nice to add a handwritten card there, so your business partner will see how much you appreciate the mutual relationship.

A humorous or cute coffee mug

This is a great idea if you don’t want to overspend, or if the business partners specifically said that they don’t expect any special gifts. But, a funny and cute coffee mug is always a welcome gift, especially if you decide to adorn them with an amusing quote tightly related to your field of work. In-jokes are always welcome in business communities, but it’s important to keep them tasteful and considerate.

Final thoughts

If you appreciate your business partners, then giving them a nice, thoughtful gift is one of the surest ways to further strengthen your relationship. Still, before you choose a present, be sure to find out more about their personal interests, but in case that’s not possible, some of the suggestions from this list will definitely make them happy.