Why choose an HTML5 video player for live streaming & VOD

For video marketing, there are several types of video players you can select from. To receive the best results you are looking for, it is significant to choose the best video player that suits the unique requirements and goals of your organization. One of the current preferred video players is the HTML5 video player, especially for streaming and VOD (video on demand), as browsers that support HTML5 are accelerating quickly.

Before HTML5 video streaming, the most common type of player used by all was a flash video. For around two decades, flash technology was the standard for multimedia streaming. However, following the decision of Google to no more extended offer support for flash in ads, Adobe made a formal announcement that they were planning to kill flash by 2020.

Due to the requirement of flash player plugins to operate, security issues, frequent crashes, newer web browsers not supporting flash, incompatibility with iOS, flash started to diminish. At the same time, HTML5 begun to witness a surge in popularity due to its evolving interface, SEO friendly nature, and need for less maintenance. HTML5 video player is more advanced, highly searchable, and renders the right support for modern browsers and digital devices, and is easy to integrate.

Benefits of HML5 video streaming

Social media sites like Facebook have been making much effort in integrating video content considering over 700 million hours of videos are watched every day. These statistics suggest videos are gaining more popularity, making it essential for you to invest in creating videos, both VOD, and live streaming. When you have more videos on your website, you need a video player that satisfies your video hosting needs. For that purpose, there is nothing more significant than an HTML5 video player. People have been talking about the benefits of HTML5 video streaming for quite a while now.

Let’s explore the benefits of HTML5 video player in depth.

Faster loading times

As you might already know, HTML5 is the language of the web, and HTML5 is its most recent adaptation. The result of using HTML5 video is faster loading time and fewer errors to deal with. Additionally, if you have tracked the number of updates Adobe was rolling out for Flash, it is clear that there were many things to fix in Flash. Compared to HTML5, the Flash had a lot of vulnerability in terms of security, and that called for new issues arising all the time. Whereas, HTML5 relies more on secure technology, meaning a lot less add ons and updates to deal with.

Mobile device compatibility

HTML5 can adapt to almost all mobile devices and screens of different sizes. As mobile devices constitute over half of all traffic on the internet today, this is one of the most critical features all video players must feature. Moreover, it is more responsive as well, leading to fewer issues. Using an HTML5 video player will result in more accessibility, making your HTML5 player live streaming and VOD easier to view on any digital platform with fewer adjustments.

Easier to personalize

Personalization is one of the essential benefits of having HTML5 video streaming than any other solution. No matter in what form it comes in, whether through video streaming sites or via social media channels, HTML5 video players are easy to customize according to your requirements.

HTML5 allows you to customize the video players according to your requirements. For example, you can customize the opacity, controls, animations, the gradient, etc. to make your videos unique. The factor of customizations is really important for video streaming brands that are looking for increasing video engagement and improving brand awareness.

Cross-browser compatibility

If you are using any other video player than HTML5, your viewers might have to follow several steps to view your videos. Regardless of how informed your viewers are with the technology, nobody would enjoy going through the trouble of modifying the setting to enable add-ons for your site. Featuring full cross-browser compatibility, HTML5 makes it easier for your customers to view your videos without making many adjustments.

Another aspect is integrating relevant links to your website to bring a fair amount of traffic. A personalized video player is vital for a video streaming business that requires adding the brand identity on all videos to drive traffic to your site. This helps to improve user interaction, which is ultimately what streaming services need.

It takes very less maintenance

As it comes with the built-ins, HTML5 player is relatively easy to integrate into any site, and it just needs to be maintained once in a while and can be easily changed by using video tags. This allows you to enjoy a lot of flexibility over the looks of your video player so that you can easily integrate changes to suit your interests and requirements. For example, you can choose images from videos that could be used in the thumbnail or enabling or displaying autoplay, or adjusting the audio in the video content. All of this helps to make the watching experience of your viewers tremendous and smooth at the same time.

HTML5 video player buffering

HTML5 video player allows you to change the settings so the video would be fully downloaded before the viewer is allowed to interact with it. You can force a video to preload the entire video to reduce HTML5 video player buffering

Offers video ad support

The HTML5 video player allows organizations to present their products and convert sales and enable you to generate revenue with ads. The video player supports pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. Video monetization is one of the crucial aspects that video streaming businesses look for as they want to allow their viewers to pay for the videos without leaving the player. This helps to reach the target audience advertisers desire and provide key analytics. HTML5 based video players also enable interactivity to create an effortless transition from viewing the video to following the link to subscribe to the newsletter or making a purchase.

Security features

Adding to the endless benefits of HTML5, the video player features AES encryption that prevents your videos from being downloaded and being reused. It also helps in securely saving your videos in the server and offers adaptive scalability.


Selecting the right video player for your streaming services can be a bit challenging. Choosing an HTML5 video player is the first step towards making your streaming website more modern and interactive. I hope this blog gave you significant insights on the key features and benefits of HTML5, which will help you make an informed choice to choose the best video player.