Important Facts About Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Having originated in the deserts of Northern China and Mongolia, the Chinese dwarf hamsters actually belong to the category of rat like hamsters. As a pet they are not as popular as their counterparts, the Russian dwarf hamsters.

Chinese dwarf hamsters have features different from their cousins as they not only have a thin and long body but, also have a longer tail, which can go up to 3cm in length. The length of their body varies from 10 to 12cm. An interesting fact associated with the Chinese hamsters is that the females are much larger and more aggressive than the males. The color of the Chinese hamsters are mostly greyish brown. There is a dark black strip that runs down the spine of the Chinese hamsters along with a white underside and spot on the head.

While typical dwarf hamsters can live together in pairs, the Chinese hamsters cannot. There is a greater possibility for two female Chinese hamsters to get along well with each other than a male and a female. Female are known to have the upper hand in this community of Chinese hamsters, the consequence of which is that it sometime leaves the male hamster seriously injured or dead. If you want to house two Chinese Dwarf hamsters you will need a lot of space within the cage. A cage having more than one level and several hiding places is preferable if you intend to house Chinese hamsters in pair. This will allow the inferior to hide from their superior counterparts. You need to keep them in large plastic or aquarium tanks as a wire cage will give them ample opportunity to try their hand at escaping through the cage bars. There is also a possibility that they might end up getting stuck in the cage bars and that can be distressing experience for both the owner and the hamster.

Their daily menu should consist of a balanced diet and plenty of water. Their diet includes such things as seeds, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is encouraged to sometime pamper them with crickets and mealworms.

It is not easy to tame Chinese dwarf hamsters. They mostly have an aggressive nature, can jump from any great heights, can run at a very high-speed are skilled in the art of climbing and can even escape from their cage if not sealed properly. These characteristics traits come as a great danger if you plan to house and tame Chinese hamsters.

Source by Mary Wilbur