Is a Chinese Dwarf Hamster a Good Pet?

If your wondering if a Chinese dwarf hamster is a good pet, then consider the pros and cons of ownership before making the decision. This little hamster is more an ideal pet for children over 12 and adults that prefer and enjoy observing & watching their pets – as opposed to holding and cuddling them.

Some of the Pros of Ownership:

* As they are small in size, their home space doesn’t have to take up a lot of room. A ten gallon aquarium, with a breathable lid, can be an adequate space for one.
* They are fairly low maintenance for cleaning and looking after their home.
* They rarely bite but do tend to urinate on you if they become frightened!
* They are funny to watch and observe their antics.
* Owning one is ideal as they are more of a solitary dwarf hamster.
* Fairly inexpensive to keep, compared to a larger animal such as a dog.

Some of the Cons of ownership:

* The female is the more dominate one, could attack and hurt or kill a male cage mate
* They can be difficult to handle as they are extremely quick and could suffer from a fall. They are often not recommended for the beginner or inexperienced dwarf hamster owners.
* They are very agile, they can easily escape, especially from a cage with bars.
* In some states owing a Chinese dwarf hamster is illegible, so checking your zoning bylaws before hand.

The Chinese hamster is mouse like in appearance than the other hamsters and that is because they are not actually dwarfs but part of the rat-like family of hamsters. Typically they often have a longer mouse shaped body with a long tail and full grown are about 10-12 cm in size. Their coat colors’ are grayish brown with a black strip running down their spine and have a white underbelly.

Source by Kym Sutherland