Is China Hording REEs Or Rare Earth Elements?

A good chunk of the rare earth elements on this planet happen to be in China and it shouldn’t surprise anyone considering the very tall mountains, and the incredible forces that it took to push them to those heights. There are obviously lots of minerals, and rare earth elements in that country. And China is a very large country if you consider the number of square miles. It just so happens that China also has some of the largest known reserves of rare metals, the kind of metals we need, that all industrialized nations need to build our high-tech products.

China has been accused of hording these REE’s or Rare Earth Elements, and yet we know they belong to their country and therefore they belong to the Chinese government. They may do whatever they will with them, and they expect their civilization to continue to grow so they’re going to want to keep them, unfortunately that leaves the rest of us in the free world without, and that will drive up the price significantly. That of course is a problem. This means all high-tech products will cost more, including military aircraft, space craft, and new high-tech innovations.

J. Paul Getty once said; “the meek shall inherit the Earth, but not the mineral rights.” Which could include but not limited to; Gold, Oil, Natural Gas and REE (rare-Earth elements). Do you see that point?

The reality is, there will be disputes, and filings in the World Trade Organization or WTO meanwhile, it puts China in a very good position when negotiating trade deals or as they negotiate with foreign investment and infrastructure to run their mines. Or making manufacturers go there to produce if they use their REEs. Additionally, it doesn’t really matter if China is hording REE or not, as they may actually believe they need to hold some of those rare earth elements for their future expansion in their own growth in the high-tech sector. They can just leave them in the ground, which is a huge future hedge.

If China plans on joining the space race, which it looks like they will, or wants to continue to advance their military prowess, they will need these rare metals to build although space craft, and missiles, jet aircraft, army tanks, and high-tech ships as their “Treasure Fleet” sales again. However, in doing so they also give a lot of power to smaller nations who happened to have one, two, or maybe even three rare earth minerals of their own, or wish to put in mining operations to get them out of the ground.

Indeed, if I were a betting man, I might look to invest in emerging markets in the industrial mining sector specializing in REE’s. Perhaps you may wish to consider this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow