Is FreeLife International The Right MLM Business?

FreeLife International began business in 1995 and have grown consistently since that time, gaining momentum and also much recognition in the industry. The Success magazine featured FreeLife in their publication and are the youngest company to have achieved such status. When choosing a network marketing company to join you really do want to find one with a good history.

They now operate in 26 countries worldwide and are head quartered in Phoenix, Arizona. If you check on the BBB website (Better Business Bureau) you will find FreeLife are an accredited business which is great news, for customers, distributors and the founders Ray Faltinsky & Kevin Fournier. Rays mother suffered from osteoporosis for a long time but quickly recovered after the use of natural nutritional supplements, since the age of 15 he carried with him the inspiration and vision to share with the world the benefits of these supplements. Co founder Kevin Fournier holds a degree in Economics and is also a board member of the Direct Selling Association. It’s safe to say there is some great leadership heading up FreeLife International.

The Product Range

There are plenty of supplements to choose from the product lineup. The most notable and widely publicised are GoChi which is known as the ‘healthiest super juice on the planet’, it’s designed to help your body perform at its peak and make you feel great, it can also help you sleep better and experience less stress. You may also like to check out their range called REVERSE which is their anti aging range, plus also TAIslim is their weight loss portfolio of products. There are other products also in the range such as shakes and juices, all products are developed and tested by their scientific advisory board which contains some highly skilled members, clinical trials have shown that the products are effective.

Many of their products are based on the goji berry which is found mostly in China, it’s said to have many beneficial properties to the human body and can also slow the aging process.

The FreeLife International Business Opportunity

To enroll you will need to find a sponsor, they can then enroll you, or you can go directly to the corporate website and enroll there, you will be charged an enrollment fee which they will confirm at the time of joining. You are then ready to build your business. There is a unilevel compensation plan in place that will allow you to earn from retailing the products and also building a team of distributors under you.

There are several bonuses with the comp plan such as fast start, quick start, advancement and matching bonuses. If you ever make it to the top of the pay plan in FreeLife then you can expect to earn an average of $670,000 each year based on figures produced by the company. Needless to say that very few people ever make it that far. Most distributors in the company are at the bottom levels of the pay plan and earning around $300 each year.

You are going to have to put in some serious work and dedication if you are going to make it to the top of any MLM company and earn yourself a decent income.

You are going to need a regular flow of prospects to your business if you are really going to make this work. It seems the majority of distributors in this business are indeed struggling to find enough people to talk to about their business. Many sponsors will tell you to make a list of your warm market, and whilst this method does work you are going to need to make presentations to way more people than that if you are to create any decent income.

Source by James T Hicks