Lance Rants China, Russia, Pakistan, Israel and India have Nuclear Weapons – Why Not Iran?

The world does not want Iran to have nuclear weapons, especially this current fundamentalist regime. A regime, which sponsors international terrorism, but we are at a near political impasse, as the Iranian leadership has no intention of giving up its nuclear weapons manufacturing programs and is intent on using them once it has them.

Please do not miss the point of “political Impasse” when you talk about these other nations, We trade with India, Russia, China, Pakistan is buying F-16s for god sakes. If the stakes are higher you have to negotiate and stick with the program more as the later option is too uncomfortable. When a nation such as Iran continually plays games with negotiation, you mirror their rhetoric, check six; play your cards close to the vest and call. If they cheat you shoot first. Why is this so hard for humans to understand?

We must be fair, they need to know that if they play in the big boys room that the stakes are higher and they need to know in advance the consequences. It is only fair that they know. Now they know, if they do not care or want to go out in a blaze of glory; that is their choosing. But we have a nation to protect, a mission to complete in Iraq and some allies who are getting quite spooked and do not look as if they wish to wait until the UN is done jerking around in November. Nor should they, it is unwise to wait. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow