Learn Spanish and Get Ahead of Your Competitors

During my younger days, I always showed deep respect and admiration for those who knew how to handle English language efficiently. I was born in a non English speaking country and those who effortlessly handled English language was given high consideration in the society. Since English was the most popular and considered as a Global language, those with proficiency in English didn’t have any difficulty in getting a better paid job either in my home country or abroad. Such was the importance of knowing English language that more and more youngsters turned to master this language.

But everything have changed a lot since I grew up as now 9 out of 10 persons in my country are proficient in English. Same is the case in the other parts of this world as the number of persons capable of handling English has grown drastically and hence the competition. So even if you are an expert in English, you will find it hard to make your way through as you have to face a stiff competition. Since a large proportion of people are highly proficient in English, people have started searching for a competitive edge that would help them to get past the competition.

One method is to learn an additional language other than English and this has helped many to overcome the competition. There are many other languages which have a big influence on the global market and learning such languages helps the job seekers to move ahead in the competition. The additional language to learn has to be chosen wisely as there are a lot of criteria that needs to be taken care. If you do not choose the additional language wisely, then you would not be getting the desired results.

One such additional language that fetches you a competitive edge over your competitors is Spanish. Spanish was the official language of Spanish Empire and since the empire expanded to various locations across the globe, so did the language. Today Spanish is World’s second most spoken native language after Mandarin. It has spread to various countries in Europe, America and Africa. Some of the major Spanish speaking countries in the world include Mexico, United States, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Chile etc.

Learning Spanish as an additional language is no cake walk for those proficient in English. As we know, learning an additional language is always difficult and it requires intense dedication and enthusiasm to master a new language. It may not happen overnight, but it may take long for someone to get mastery over new language. For those who are employed, it is even more difficult as they may not get appropriate time to study and practice the new language.

One of the most common ways is to attend a part time class or course which teaches you how to learn Spanish. This is most suited for those who are employed as they can attend the classes before or after their job. For those who are not employed, they can enroll and attend a regular Spanish learning course.

Another way is to buy books which teach how to learn Spanish with examples provided. The major drawback of this is that you will be at sea when you find any doubts, as the book is the only source of teaching. You cannot ask any doubts instantly and if you have any doubts you have to note it down and ask anyone who knows Spanish language. This is really time consuming and chances are that you may lose the flow and you might also think of giving it up.

Source by George K Abraham