Meta’s AI giveaway, and abortion clinic data tracking

The must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Brokers are selling the location data of people who visit abortion clinics
This is an old problem, but it’s taking on a new urgency in the light of the potential repeal of Roe v Wade. (Motherboard)
+ Overturning Roe v Wade could force tech companies to help states punish people seeking abortions. (Protocol)
+ It could also criminalize women making even cursory online searchers linked to abortion. (Gizmodo)
+ Amazon’s $4,000 abortion travel benefit does not extend to many of its poorest workers. (Motherboard)

2 Elon Musk says he may charge businesses to use Twitter 
But whether we should take this suggestion seriously is anyone’s guess. (BBC)
+ Twitter’s testing a new feature to share tweets with a select number of people. (Mac Rumors)
+ NFT scammers appear to be targeting Twitter users with blue ticks. (The Atlantic $)
+ It’s getting harder to know what Twitter’s users actually want. (The Atlantic $)
+ Maybe it’s Neuralink that Musk should be concentrating on, not Twitter. (WP $)

3 India and Pakistan’s heatwave is testing the limits of survivability
Last month, New Delhi saw seven consecutive days that topped 104°F (40°C.) (CNN)
+ Climate change is making these brutal heat waves worse. (TR)

4 A Shanghai resident was mistakenly declared dead and put in a body bag
The horrifying incident highlights the pressures of the city’s grueling lockdown. (The Guardian)
+ Shanghai’s lockdown is giving China’s online grocery apps a second chance. (TR)

5 NFT sales have plummeted 
But does it mean the market is evaporating, or just that the initial hype cycle is over? (WSJ $)

6 Sensor-equipped offices may be smart, but they’re vulnerable to hacks
Which is a major problem if your staff are locked out from their workplace. (WSJ $)

7 Black voters are being targeted by online misinformation campaigns
And the volume of lies is likely to intensify during the midterm elections. (NBC)
+ What you need to know about the midterms. (NYT $)

8 Start-ups manned by former executives are trying to fix Big Tech’s mistakes
By employing “conflict coordinators” to crack down on rule violations. (WSJ $)

9 The crypto executive who wasn’t
A cautionary tale for entrepreneurs who ask too few questions. (NYT $)
+ Crypto lobbyists are following the money—to Albany. (Fast Company $)

10 A sailor’s love song went viral on TikTok 64 years after he wrote it
The timeless melody has charmed a new generation of listeners. (WP $)
+ Meanwhile, StudyTok is still enormously popular. (BBC)

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