Multiprocess Welding Machine – Longevity Welders – And a Chinese Tig Welder Review

Have you seen the multi-process welding machine that Longevity advertises?

Maybe you have been thinking of buying one of these Chinese Tig Welders but you have been wondering if they  are any good at all?

The features of Longevity 160 amp multi-process welders are kind of impressive: 160 amps, ability to tig weld aluminum, can also be used as a plasma cutter and stick welder…Wow!

A good Miller, Lincoln, or Thermadyne Tig Welder Inverter will cost you well over 3000 dollars by the time you get all the extra welding supplies you need  like foot pedal, tig torch, flowmeter, ground clamp and all.

Longevity welders do not have some of the advanced features like A/C waveshaping that the Miller Dynasty 200DX and The Lincoln Invertec v205t have, but the basic features actually are similar…and you cant use the Miller or the Lincoln as a plasma cutter.

So it is very intriguing when you see a Chinese Tig Welder that will also do plasma cutting and stick welding, advertised for around 750 dollars with all the accessories included.

What?  750 dollars? That is like one fourth the cost of a Miller or Lincoln A/C DC tig welder.

So you start wondering to yourself, Is a Lincoln or  Miller tig welder 4 times better?  Am I paying for a name?  That’s a lot of money for just a name.

I spent the last several hours looking on internet forums, welding websites, and eBay feedback reports and guess what? The jury is still out on Chinese Tig Welders.  You can find good reviews, bad reviews, and mixed reviews on Chinese tig welders. A lot of the reviews I read were about how the chinese tig welder arrived  somewhat non-functional and damaged in shipment and that a customer phone support call was all it took for the support team to talk the buyer through fixing a loose connection.

And somehow, that was looked upon as a good thing.

Source by Jody Collier