Now, Say Namaste to Indian Cooking

Indian culture and ethos are famous all over the globe for its diversity and heterogeneous characteristic. And with Indians settled all over the world, Indian culture is fast spreading all across the world and is being adapted by many. In fact it comes as a surprise to many that Diwali is celebrated in America by even non Indians and Indian classical dances are taught at UK schools. But it’s not just the culture that is making news. Indian food has caught attention of millions of people all over the world. A perfect blend of spices, herbs, vegetables and even meat, Indian cuisine has been considered to be one of the famous world cuisines. According to Britain’s Food Standards Agency, the Indian food industry in the United Kingdom is worth £3.2 billion, accounting for two-thirds of all eating out and serves about 2.5 million British customers every week.

But do non-Indians always have to eat out if they want to rejoice a nice bite of a Tandoori Chicken or a spoon of Dal Makhani? Well, even if you are not an Indian, and know nothing about Indian food, you still don’t have to worry. With so many free online recipes that range from pure vegetarian recipes to spicy non vegetarian recipes, cooking Indian food is not an uphill task anymore. In fact just as you can cook Italian, French and Chinese food, by referring to various online recipes; you can easily refer to some Indian recipes, too. All the traditional recipes are available on the net. And it’s not just about the main course. You get everything from soup recipes to Indian free recipes free, online. In fact beginners can try their hand on easy Indian recipes just as beginners in India learn.

On these websites, you will not only get recipes, but also come across various herbs and spices, each of which has an ailment remedy. Hence, you will not only enjoy cooking Indian food, but also learn a lot about simple kitchen remedies! So don’t say that Indian cooking is difficult. The next time instead of just walking to your nearest Indian Restaurant, try your hand on any one Indian dish. In fact here’s a secret, you can start with a Paratha (Indian bread made of wheat flour) and move on to the next level. Your experience with Indian cooking would be as enthralling as discovering India itself–after all; a nation’s cuisine exhibits the richness of its culture!

Source by Kiron Abraham