Offshore Roustabout Jobs – The Bailout Plan For the Rest of Us

Offshore roustabout jobs are the bailout plan for the rest of us. We have all heard the news of the fat cat bankers on Wall Street getting bailed out with taxpayer money, then awarding themselves billions in bonuses at our expense, effectively rewarding themselves for blowing up the economy and throwing millions out of work. But where is the bailout for Main Street? For the 15 million people out of work right now, the campaign promises of our President ring hollow. Let’s face it – there is no bailout coming for the rest of us. We are on our own.

Thankfully, most of us don’t need billion dollar handouts to get on in life. But for those of us between jobs or careers, a little direction and education about opportunities still available can be a real help. You may have noticed that prices are still going up at the pump; there is a reason for this. You see, there is only so much oil in the world, and China continues to grow and use more and more of the stuff every year. In fact, by the end of this year the world’s largest energy user will no longer be the United States – it will, in fact, be China.

So it really doesn’t matter how slow our economy is. With the growing thirst for petroleum by the world’s next superpower, oil and gas prices are only going in one direction – up. But for those wondering where there next job or career is going to come from, this is actually good news; in fact, it is fantastic news.

With higher oil prices comes more offshore drilling, more exploration, and more high paying jobs. And not just for Petroleum Engineers and other professionals. Offshore platforms are like cities in the sea. They take welders to build them, mechanics to operate them, drillers to drill for the oil, and entry level workers like offshore roustabouts to perform the hard work and tasks that help make it all come together.

Half (yes, half) of America’s energy sector employees are retiring in the next 10 years. A huge wave of job openings is shaping up in the oil sector, and no where is that more apparent than in the offshore oil drilling industry. For this reason, thousands upon thousands of new roustabouts will be required to man the new rigs coming online and being built. The big drilling companies are already hiring, and that hiring is just going to continue rising, as China’s insatiable hunger for oil continues to drive the oil markets higher, with no real end in sight.

There isn’t just one ladder to climb from being a roustabout; there are many. You could go on to become a driller, a crane operator, a welder, even a maintenance supervisor. If you make a career out of it, with additional training and education, there is really no limits except the ones you place on yourself – many have gotten their start at the bottom and ended up running an entire drilling operation, and you can too.

Source by Julian Gaston