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Overview of Chinese Food

Chinese food is unique and different from every other country for a number of reasons. Historically, China has been overpopulated and hunger has always been a problem. The Chinese have spent much time trying to find ways to make sure that people in among them have enough to eat. There wasn’t a lot of meat, Chinese recipes often have had meat mixed in with other items that are less scarce, such as noodles or rice. The Chinese have often used vegetable to stir-fry different meals.

When the Chinese were invaded by Mongols, many of the Mongolian styles of cooking and types of cuisine became adopted by the Chinese. There are many different types of cooking and in different regions of China. The Chinese eat many foods that are considered to be very odd by Western cultures. Some examples of this are dogs, snakes, cats, frogs, and seaweed. These items are used in Chinese recipes and are very different from what people in Western societies eat.

Chinese people don’t eat a lot of meat, but they have used pork and chicken in their cuisine. The Chinese follow the philosophy of yin and yang, which means that they like to have balance in the foods that they eat. It is for this reason that their foods have different textures and colors.

Rice is considered to be the staple food of the Chinese. Many Chinese recipes contain rice in them because rice is a very common food in China and widely available. The Chinese use rice with bean sprouts, cabbage, scallions and many other foods. Vegetables are very common in Chinese food, as is tofu, which is made of soybean curd.

In China, there are four regions to consider when looking at cooking. One region is the Cantonese region. In this region, Chinese recipes include a lot of rice and stir-fry. Many immigrants to the United States from China come from this region, so many of the Chinese restaurants in the United States feature this type of food. Some familiar dishes are egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken and pork, and wonton soup.

Another area in China that needs to be considered in Chinese recipes is the Mandarin area of China. Their most popular cuisine is Peking duck, which is roast dick that is wrapped in pancakes. Other foods that are eaten in this area are pancakes, noodles and dumplings. In the Shanghai region of China, which is a coastal area, they eat a lot of seafood because that is the most readily accessible food. They also use very strong condiments and sauces.

The final region is the Szechuan region. In this area, Chinese recipes include leeks, onions, hot peppers and garlic. This style of cooking has become more popular in the United States in recent years. The most popular thing to drink in China is tea. The types of tea that are often seen in China are oolong, black and green tea. These types of tea are seen very often in the United States in recent years as well.

Source by Qing Hua