SEARCH Tips and SEO – No Mystery Here!

“Knowledge is power” said Sir Francis Bacon. If knowledge is indeed power, then all the knowledge we can gain about Search Engine Optimization or SEO would give us nearly unlimited power and help clear up the mystery that exists about SEO.

In searching for a web design firm that offers Houston search engine optimization services, you may need to gain some knowledge about how SEO affects the overall existence of a business web site. Alexander Pope wrote that “A little learning is a dangerous thing,” which is certainly true with SEO! A great deal of learning about SEO will certainly lead us to greater knowledge and we may discover that what we thought to be a mystery was just an explanation waiting to be discovered!

We have come up with an acronym of S.E.A.R.C.H. to help show the desirable attributes of a design company and unravel the mystery of SEO and how it can be used to improve web presence and increase business sales.


This should always be at the top of the list. The correct and well-planned services of a web designer for your website should include attention to the overall design. Website optimization is almost always included with the complete price and should be a part of the overall design. The inclusion of SEO services is more commonly being bundled with the original website design – but not always. Be sure to know if you have to pay extra for any desired SEO services.


In web site design, the longer a design company has been in business, the more experience and learning it should have gathered. A good web design company will have complete knowledge of the products they offer and a firm commitment to any future results especially in regards to SEO services.

This does not mean that you should not consider a newly opened design company. They may be able to offer a new viewpoint on Houston search engine optimization services! On the other hand, an established design company will have learned from any past experiences, offering familiarity in all aspects of internet design as well as records of such progress.


As important as experience is in web design, you should not rule out being able to hear about and see the results of a web design company’s efforts and achievements. This is particularly true with any SEO services you might be considering. Ask to see information about any results they have obtained for their customers and in particular, any results they have gained with their own website. A company that is not practicing SEO and optimization on their own website and getting positive results might not be the company you would want to employ for your Houston search engine optimization services.


One of the best ways you can determine if the price being quoted by a web design company is reasonable is by gathering similar, relevant data from several prospective SEO firms. Compare your gathered information and then determine which offers the best services for a reasonable price.


Feedback from past and present clients of a prospective web design company is very important. Ask to see any client testimonials that the company may have and if time permits, call the customers and confirm that information. This could be a great deal of help in deciding which design firm you want to use.


Watch out! Never give the project to anyone who offers services such as “cloaking”, “hidden text”, etc. for these are not services being used by reputable web design companies. Again, prior client contact may assist in this area. You certainly must expect complete honesty from the design company you select.

Researching for Houston search engine optimization and web design can be a very challenging task because you are looking for a firm that will not only make your business profitable but also allow you to make an investment for the future growth of your company. Don’t make an expensive error. Do the S.E.A.R.C.H.!

Source by Chris M Hunter