Should the US Fully Engage in the Chinese-Japanese Territorial Water Dispute?

Is the World Headed for war? It seems that there is always one crisis after another, and I was recently told by a historian that there was only one 3-year period in all of written recorded history when there were no wars, or at least none in the human record. Who knows that statistic might be correct, or maybe it isn’t but, either way it certainly proves my point; there is always human conflict and crisis somewhere on this pale blue dot amongst this rather troubling carbon based bipedal species (human). What’s that quote; “humans are mostly harmless” and I agree with a caveat; “except to themselves” that is.

Okay so, not to be outdone by the Middle Eastern embassy attacks in September of 2012, things are still heating up in the territorial waters of Asia, no not the surface temperatures causing larger typhoons, although they have brought in enough hot air too. You see, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Philippines, and China seem all claim rights to ocean waters off their coasts, ocean waters along with various islands, shoals, protruding rock formations, and oh yes, all the natural resources below the ocean floor – who’d have thought?

On September 18, 2012 the Wall Street Journal published an article titled; “China Tensions on the Rise – Obama Seeks Trade Sanctions While Beijing Faces Off With Japan Over Islands,” By Keith Johnson and Carol E. Lee, which stated; “A key question will be whether the US is seen as an honest broker in the dispute.” That is an interesting take on the potential negotiations with two very head strong nations over who owns the territorial sea rights thus, the underground rich resources.

Recently, the leader of the Chinese Communist Government told the military to prepare to go to war. They’ve said this before, but it’s a little unsettling at a time when tensions are high, and the other side of the dispute is saying about the same thing. Meanwhile, the Japanese and US military top brass met for talks about a new secondary missile defense system – this one with the latest and greatest technologies. Sounds as if both sides now are boosting their capabilities – unfortunately, it appears they are boosting both offensive and defensive strengths.

Okay so, the US is involved in all of this and as the World’s only super power we will be challenged along with all of our allies over these disputes. We are attempting to keep peace in the world, but we sure get a lot of friction in doing so. Are we headed for a major war in the middle of the solar maximum? Will we exchange live fire between storms, Typhoons, and war game practices? This isn’t looking so good are my thoughts. Please consider all this and everyone, let’s take a deep breath and consider some viable solution here.

Source by Lance Winslow