Singapore – A Vivid and Thriving Tourist Destination

Singapore is a city state comprising of 64 islands that collectively come under the Singapore governing jurisdiction. It’s a place where people from different ethnic backgrounds live. Singapore doesn’t have its native people. Laborers from India, China and Malaysia travelled here during the British rule. The ones who stayed back now form the native Singapore population. These people from various countries bought their cultures here and so, the culture of Singapore is a beautiful blend of different cultures. So, Singapore is a small country with a very big and rich culture. Chinese, Malay and Tamil are the local languages but English is widely spoken here. If you want to explore this magical land, look out for various packages to Singapore.

Singapore city has everything from tall skyscrapers, malls, night clubs and various cuisines to beautiful beaches. This place has one of the best possible combinations that a tourist destination can have. Visiting this place will surely leave you with a wonderful experience. In order to enjoy the fantastic hospitality that Singapore offers, book a Singapore tour package.

Singapore’s cuisine is heavily impacted by the immigrants who bought their culture here. There are Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisines here, which are worth sampling. Food and beverage facilities in your tour package Singapore will not disappoint you.

One of the best places in Singapore is the Singapore zoo. This place has more than 350 types of animal and reptile species. Visitors can enjoy the jungle safari and spot various animals in their natural habitat. So animal lovers should not miss this unique experience and must include it in their Singapore tour package. Another place which is equally appealing is the Jurong Bird Park. More than 9000 species of birds reside in this park. You can hear different kinds of birds chirping throughout the day. The melodious sound can be utterly mesmerizing. This park is one of the most incredible as well as largest in south Asia. Bird lovers must include a visit to the place in their tour package Singapore.

Singapore also holds another distinct achievement. It organizes the only night race in the Formula One calendar. Formula one cars zoom around the marina bay circuit at full throttle. The experience of watching formula one under artificial lighting will delight any formula one fan. Therefore formula one weekend should be included into your packages to Singapore. The marina bay circuit also houses world class hotel. If you want to experience Formula One at its fullest, it is good to stay in the circuit hotel as it provides the best view of the area. The hotel as well as race ticket should be bought as part of your Singapore tour package. Singapore also has one of the best nightclubs in Asia; one can dance to the tune any time as they are open throughout the day. A visit to a local night club is a must in your tour package Singapore. You can easily find suitable packages to Singapore.

Source by Ajay Jonn