Single Mothers College Grants From Obama

Over 7 million people may be able to qualify for the new and improved Pell Grant for education. This is a low income needs-based grant that awards students up to $5000 or beyond. A single mothers college grant from Obama can include the Pell Grant as well as other programs.

Moms Can Study Online
The Pell grant money can be used to fund your online studies. If you want to do your degree online – as many people these days choose to do – then you automatically save money on travel costs so your grant money can be used for your tuition fees. This will pay for a large chunk of your education expenses.

Online study (or distance education) is particularly suited to single mothers, because leaving your children whilst you go off to campus is often unrealistic and impossible. By studying from the comfort of your own home you get the best of both worlds: time with your family and the opportunity to study for a degree in a subject that interests you.

I Work, Am I Still Eligible For the Pell Grant?
If you work full time or part time, don’t automatically think that you can’t get the grant. It is not based on whether you work or not, but on how much you earn. If you are earning minimum wage then there is a good chance you will still qualify. There are of course other requirements that you must also meet.

Other Single Mothers College Grants
Besides the Obama Federal Pell Grant there are hundreds of other programs that you can apply for. These include the excellent Sunshine Lady Foundation Scholarship Program which is a program specifically aimed at women and mothers.

Source by Ruby Houston