South Korea – Chinese Becomes "New English" of Job Seekers

Years ago, if you can speak fluent English and have a American university’s diploma, then it is not hard for you to enter a big enterprise. But this era has past. Now, even the South Korean young men in some American famous universities vie with each other to put their Chinese level in their resumes. The reason for this is that being able to speak English can ensure them find a good job. In the past time, these students have advantages, because they know both Korean and English. But now, the situation has changed. There are a lot of South Korea students in Chinese training school of southern Seoul. These people studied abroad, but now they are spending summer holiday in their home country.

Chinese has becomes a “new English” which can separate you from your rivals. A student who learns Chinese said, “Now, everyone, including the students who study in South Korea, can speak English”, “If you can only speak English, you are not different from other people”, said Li Yunjin, who is sophomore in an American university.

Li studied in American high school. When she spent her summer holiday in South Korea, she started to learn Chinese in a private school of Seoul. There were thirty students in her class and nearly half of them were studying in America. The Chinese political and economic status have gone up rapidly in recent years, hence Chinese has become a popular foreign language for South Korea and other countries.

Chinese is the third language in America and Canada. Parker, who is a student and 23 years old, admitted that he re-studied Chinese after two years. He assumed that learning Chinese would be a advantage for him to find a job and Chinese was also a offset for his not-fluent English. “If you can speak both English and Chinese, you will make more contributions to your company”, said Parker, “The starting salary in investment banks and financial enterprises are higher than the salary of the employees who speak other foreign languages.”

A counselor in a private Chinese school of Seoul said, “Starting form 2007, we found that more and more students who study in English country start to learn Chinese.” John Kim, who just graduated from an American university, said that he found a job in financial circle due to knowing both English and Chinese. He said, “As a Asian person, besides being able to speak Korean and English, it is necessary to be able to speak Chinese and other Asian languages.”

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Source by Douglas Martin