State Capitalism, China’s Model for the USA: Opinion

Someone’s comment recently enlightened me while discussing my opinion that capitalism is undemocratic.

The person described China’s Government and economy in one phrase State Capitalism

In general it is a good description of the existence of capitalism in a communist country.


Sidebar: In China their military has separate and some would argue almost autonomous power from the Chinese Government.

Also the chinese Government explicitly and implicitly controls everything by mandate and occasionally by force whenever it is convenient to reign in the population. Tibet!

Large businesses in China work hand in hand with the communist Government and are essentially an extension of the Government. American investment.

In America Corporations not the Government nor individuals own everything – all that is left for corporations to own is our Government.Thus the campaign cry from those who support corporatism demanding that OUR Government be reduced and eventually weakened.

Interestingly both China and America are moving in the same direction towards their own unique kinds of “State Capitalism”.

Which is capitalism without democracy.

No one could argue with any conviction or credibility that either capitalism or communism are democratic.

In fact capitalism and communism are very much alike in terms of personal freedom and fairness and equality and justice are concerned.

There is none!

One could argue and correctly so that as much as China is becoming like America our Nation is becoming like China – American democracy is being gradually diminished as illustrated in the Supreme courts GOP tainted decision and the debate over rights versus privileges.

The banks aka large corporations aka capitalists own our homes and majority share holders own the banks.

One of our two major political parties is a Trojan horse for “State Capitalism”

Our wages are De Facto interest payments to State Capitalism both in America and China.

The interest we pay goes to corporations in our country (credit cards,mortgages,car loans) who then use portions of their profits to influence our votes and therefor. our government. 20% ++ interest rates on credit.

The interest we each pay also goes to China where it is used to pay Chinese workers who purchase American related services and goods. Foreign investment.

The intereston debt then comes back to the USA in the form of profits to large american corporations thus completing the cycle.

From our pockets the interest is paid to china and then back into American business pockets.The GOP will argue that this is the fault of our Government and not large corporations. Therefor OUR Government gets all the blame, we get all the pain and capitalists get all the profit!

As this continues individuals become poorer our Government is blamed and if reduced becomes weaker and bingo we have back door State Capitalism!

Does all of this frighten you?

It should!

What is the solution? Americans need to innovate and reduce corporate control of their lives. The only entity powerful enough and big enough to help us accomplish that goal is OUR Government. You know – the Government the GOP wants to do away with!

The penicillen that will kill the germs of capitalism is democratic socialism. The Doctor who will administer the shot is OUR President.

Capitalists and the corpocracy (media) have succeeded in associating the most democratic form of Government with communism and the word socialism instills instant fear in many Americans. Blind and unfounded fear.

Democratic socialism is democratic – capitalism and corporatism is not.

The difference? Interest resulting in excessive profits, which are hoarded and then used to gain more power and control.

Think about is carefully.

Source by Coral Atlas