Sweep Chinese Women Off Their Feet the Traditional Way

Sincerity, respect, and romance is the trifecta that can help any foreign man capture the heart of a Chinese woman. Sincerity and respect are always a given in any successful relationship and should come easily to any decent and well-intentioned man; it is the romance that most men struggle with. And a relationship should not only have romance during its early stages.

Many men confuse romance with spending a lot of money and showering a woman with expensive gifts. Being lavish with material things can only get you so far. Being romantic is more about wearing your heart on your sleeve and doing sweet and thoughtful deeds because it makes you happy to make your woman happy.

Many modern Chinese women enjoy financial independence and successful careers, but still find it hard to find love and their ideal partner because most traditional men in their society reject them. At the same time, more and more women of China are increasingly becoming aware that they deserve better treatment from a partner and are yearning for the kind of love and romance that they see in western movies and TV shows and read in western books.

Chinese women on trustworthy and respectable international Chinese dating websites are there because of this yearning; they seek a good man who can give them good, old-fashioned love and romance. Online dating, of course, puts limits on how much a foreign man and Chinese woman can engage in traditional “courtship” practices and on how they can adequately express their feelings and intentions.

After a special connection has been made and a mutual attraction established, and before a foreign man can fly to China to visit his special lady friend, or in between trips to the Middle Kingdom, he can still give a China woman “butterflies in her stomach” with simple but sweet and thoughtful gestures.

Send her sweet messages through text or chat at random moments. They don’t get Facebook or YouTube in China, but imagine how excited she will if you were to make the effort to find a Chinese equivalent to YouTube (there are several, try Googling YouKu) and post a love song video for her, and then sent her the link as a surprise. E-mail her funny pictures of yourself, of things that make you think of her, and places where you want to take her to. If you can afford it, send her some flowers and chocolates.

If you play the piano or the guitar, learn how to play her favorite song and play it for her. If you can paint or draw, paint/draw something you know she would love. Share with her your dreams for the two of you. Talk to her about the things you want to do together, such as hiking, going to the beach, or simply doing the groceries or cooking in the kitchen together and sharing a cup of coffee (or maybe tea in her case) every morning.

The romantic treatment will definitely be a new and remarkable for any Chinese woman. While randomness is an important element of romance, so is consistency. Make sure you maintain the level of romance even after many years of being together. It will not matter much if you will be doing the same things over and over again; what will really matter to your love is the sweet and loving thoughts behind your actions. Any woman, and perhaps especially Chinese women, will appreciate being constantly reminded of how much you care for them and how happy you are to be with them.

Source by John Abbot