Tattoo Designs – Understanding Chinese Symbolism!

Much of the art of tattoo is inference meaning that not everything that you want to expressed is laid out in the open for everyone to understand. That is also the reasons why tattoos normally consists mainly of symbols or graphical representation of something that you want to express.

Tattoo being ethnic in origin, most enthusiasts are exploring and venturing other cultures, spoken tongues and written words so as to find a tattoo that is unique, mysterious and truly expressive of what an individual feels. It is this reason that westerners are turning to Asia particularly China in search for that symbolic design. Chinese culture gave the world the art of calligraphy. Artistic nuances are clearly evident in the Chinese manner of writing. It is no wonder then that many people are turning to Chinese art for exactly these reasons.

Since cultures vary in ways that are not so easily understood by people, it is only proper that one studies exhaustively the meaning of the design that he or she wants to get as a tattoo. In Asia alone, one gets different symbols and gestures for a single hello. If you want to get a Chinese symbol as a tattoo design, make an effort to get somebody native or at least somebody who has an in-depth knowledge of the culture and the symbolism that each and every design represents. Even when you refer to the same word, the Chinese may have another meaning for it. Make an effort to understand or at least explain to the translator and to the tattoo artist about the particular meaning that you want to convey by your tattoo.

There is no shortage to the symbols and designs that one can get from Chinese culture. This is because a new one is added every year to their collection of words and symbols. If you want, there are so many sites in the internet which offers a variety of design pertaining to the Chinese culture. There are even sites which offer the correct translation of available symbols. Just keep in mind that not everything that you see printed is true so it is best to get second opinion with respect to meaning.

Source by Matt J. Cararra