The 7 Best Training Courses to Learn Google Cloud Platform

There are many possibilities in today’s cloud computing market, but coupons for Google cloud training courses are one of the numerous well-known and used. As cloud deployments grow in popularity and more organizations rely on the cloud for critical functions, it is becoming more necessary to be able to manage and administer Google Cloud settings. It’s a great way to show your expertise in a given field by learning in-demand skills like Google Cloud.

Cloud Engineer Professional Certificate preparation (Coursera):

The fact that you don’t need any prior knowledge to begin this course, you may start now. The fundamentals of Google Cloud and cloud computing are discussed in this course. Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification, which is widely accepted, is required for this program to improve your career in cloud architecture. This is the course for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of Google Cloud and cloud computing. This program will give you the skills you need to advance your career in cloud architecture, as well as a path to earning the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification, which is widely recognized in the industry. You’ll explore and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as systems, networks, and applications services, through a combination of presentations, recordings, and labs; and you’ll gain real-world experience through a number of hands-on Qwiklabs projects that you can share with prospective employers.

In addition to presentations, videos, and labs, you’ll be able to study and install solution parts such as systems, networking, and business applications. You’ll also gain practical experience through several hands-on Qwiklabs projects that you can show to potential employers. Setup of a cloud environment, configuration, and deployment of cloud solutions are all abilities you’ll practice while taking this course. 

GCP for Beginners (Udemy):

It is an excellent Udemy course for anybody who wants to understand the basics of Google Cloud. Udemy specializes in coupons for GCP courses, which makes it an official resource for learning about the platform. This course aspires to provide students with a broad understanding of GCP. This course begins with the fundamentals and then teaches you how to get up and run, starting with the most basic building blocks, including computation, networking, and storage. You’ll learn about Google Cloud’s IAM, Security services, Network services, Computing Cloud APIs, & migration to Google Cloud throughout the course of 25 hours of Google Cloud training. Each part includes a hands-on demonstration of a basic service.

Google Cloud Certification | GCP Online Training (Mind Majix):

This course is an excellent place to learn about Google cloud services and components. In 25 hours of Google Cloud training, you’ll learn about IAM, Security, Networks, Computing, and Migration. If you’re looking to maintain your current job while learning in-depth Google Cloud topics, this training is for you. In addition, the courses provide advice on how to save both money and time in the process. The course also includes two practice exams to help you prepare for Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.

Google Cloud: A Quick Overview (Plural Sight):

Google offers the best beginning courses for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for programmers and architects interested in moving to the Google cloud. Lynn Langit, a Google Developer Expert, will teach you about Google Cloud technologies and what you can do with Google Cloud in this course. In this course, you’ll learn about Google’s Cloud technologies from Lynn Langit. This course will familiarize you with the necessary jargon and technologies.

When you have completed this training, you will better understand what Google has to offer in the infrastructure and platform as a service cloud sector and how to integrate Google cloud services. Although a great deal will be covered, there is no need for a previous understanding of Google Cloud. Developers and business decision-makers may both benefit from this training, which is geared at them. An example of saying “Hello World” using Eclipse is included (Java).

Google-Certified Network Engineer:

Do you want to advance your career as a Google Cloud networking professional? You will need to pass the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification exam to show that you have the skills necessary to manage and carry out network design implementations on the Google Cloud Platform. It’s more necessary than ever for networking experts to learn how to design, implement, and operate cloud networks as cloud technology evolves. It is because conventional on-premises networking needs a distinct structure and approach. The Google Cloud Network Engineer certification is a highly sought-after credential, and this course will help you get it.

GCP Associate Cloud Engineer – Google Cloud (Udemy):

A detailed introduction to all GCP has to offer, even for individuals with no previous GCP expertise, is provided in this comprehensive course. Application deployment, operations monitoring, and corporate solution management are just a few of the topics covered in this course. You will learn the core infrastructure of their cloud services and then understand the various components such as networking and some other services scaling and automation, and more. We highly recommend this course you to follow. 

Google Cloud Administrator Training (LinkedIn Learning):

Take a peek at the services offered by this well-known cloud computing company. There is a particular focus on the Google Cloud Platform for IT professionals involved in setting up applications, such as network administrators, architects, software developers, and other key players in the technology industry. The console, application programming interfaces (APIs), cloud shell, and several other Google Cloud Platform features are discussed, as is the process of creating an account. Next, consider Google’s foundational services and developer tools for building your bespoke solutions. 


This ranking of the top online courses for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in 2022 was produced by a group of highly qualified professionals working together. This tutorial may be used to learn about new technologies offered by the Google Cloud Platform. All levels of learners may benefit from these classes, which include coupons for Google cloud training courses. These include services like cloud computing, data storage, and AI. Lynn Langit, a Google Cloud Platform educator, walks students through the process of managing virtual machines.