The Fascinating Beliefs of Chinese Astrology

People have long been fascinated with Chinese Astrology. Using a number of techniques, people engaged in this activity study the planets, birth dates and other things to make charts to define things affecting the lives of people in that category. Predicting the happenings of a person’s life is a strong held belief in that country.

Yin and Yang are two factors that are heavily used in making predictions. In addition, each year is named for a specific animal. Two thousand ten, for example, is the year of the Metal Tiger (Geng Yin). This is predicted as a year of adventure, taking risks and change. This year started on February 13, 2010 and will end on February 14, 2011.

This Astrology believes that one’s personality consists of inclinations and actual habits. The point of the chart reading is to have one aware of their temperament and behavior so that they can be changed, if necessary, to lead a better life. Many, who use this type of reading have found this very helpful in helping them face life challenges.

The origin of this art of fortune telling can be traced back to 2637 BC. Over the many centuries it has been used constantly by all Chinese citizens who believe strongly in the predictions received. From royalty to the ordinary citizen everyone receives the same consideration in these readings.

Each year a person is born in, such as the Tiger, Rat, Horse or one of the others, has certain implications as to what type of a personality one has. Things such as detachment, endurance, concealment and other such traits are designated as belonging to those people. This often reflects in personal or in business relationships with older establishments, when one is requested to present a chart or have one made.

Trying to find one’s true love is one of the most popular reasons for having this kind of a chart made. It is believed that those born in certain years, such as Dragon and Rooster have a strong possibility of having a well-suited life together. Many people, in that culture, will not commit to marriage if their years are not predicted as having a good chance for a happy relationship.

In Chinese Astrology it is believed that there are five elements in everyone’s birth chart and these must be in balance for harmony to prevail. These are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If they are not balanced, the reading would indicate what the signs say and offer suggestions as to how to get them in harmony.

Source by Carolyn Clayton