The Group Energy Effect: How Qigong Meditation Can Help Heal and Unite Humanity Across All Cultures

Qigong is usually practiced in small groups, but in the 1980’s the Chinese people used to fill entire stadiums. One of my teachers gave me videotape filmed from one of these events where over 30,000 people were practicing! After watching this video and learning that the Chinese government had since banned all large-scale Qigong events I asked myself, “Why not in America?” Of course it would have to be different in America, I thought to myself.

The Chinese stadium events offered strictly Internal Qigong Meditation. Everyone was meditating and nobody was moving around. I knew that for Qigong in large groups to take off in America that we would have to make it exciting and powerful. Being that the Internal styles of Qigong often take a long time to see results from (or feel qi from) we offered a healthy blend of Qigong moving forms, Meditation and Pranayama breathing techniques like Nine-Breath Method, which give a full-body vibration in 45 seconds.

In 2008 our dreams came closer to being realized in America when we hosted two thousand people gathered for 4 straight days of Qigong. When it was all over everyone’s favorite activity was the Nine-Breath HEALING CIRCLE. It was the peak experience of Qi- Energy that anyone, including myself, had ever had. It did not matter what lineage you studied with. Even the newcomers and skeptics were vibrating from head to toe. It was the power of GROUP ENERGY.

A Nine-Breath Method Healing Circle is possible after people have spent a few hours mastering the technique itself. Once it is learned, the Qi moves through your arms like electricity & EVERYONE feels it. Our American spin is that people in the West have a love for PRAYER, which I see as a type of Qigong. As a massive group, totally vibrating with Qi, we send healing prayers to our relatives, loved ones and countries around the world in need. Even guys who are “tough as nails” become soft.

Everyone has the idea that gatherings like these can not only heal us physically, but also unite people on levels unimaginable. Many people wrote us to tell of miraculous healings for people they prayed for while the energy was moving through them. Again, I believe this is the effect of a powerful technique combined with the effect of the GROUP ENERGY. This is going to be the key for Qigong’s expansion globally.

Oprah Winfrey superstar, Dr. Mehmet Oz, said, “If you want to live to 100… do Qigong.” Yet, even with all the press Qigong has been getting lately it still surprises me how few people actually understand how it works. Qigong uses breathing techniques and special movements for strengthening energy. According to Chinese Medicine, this “Qi” is the leading force behind blood circulation. It is practiced as a tool for the enhancement of health and as a spiritual path for growth and enlightenment.

Attendance at the 2009 and 2010 QI REVOLUTION events has exploded, even during the recession. We are seeing twice the numbers as the year before. Our healthcare system is failing to keep us healthy as a society. The prospect of Food-based healing as a great alternative to costly surgery and medications it is no surprise more people want it. Even people with Cancer have come to these live seminars and successfully boosted their own body’s immune system with this knowledge and won the fight against cancer.

If you want to learn Qigong for real, the GROUP ENERGY is the single greatest catalyst. Nothing is more profound then when 500 people all Inhale at the same second and everyone knows that everyone else is vibrating with spiritual energy. It is the ultimate, beyond vibration, high-energy experience.

Source by Jeffrey Primack