The Tai Sui in Feng Shui

The Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) is something feared by some feng shui enthusiasts and for good reason: he is the “god of the year” who grants favors and sends misfortunes to those who offend him. The legends of this deity are confusing to most westerners as we tend to have belief systems favoring the monotheistic view of a single deity who is everything, everywhere, to and for everyone.

The Feng Shui Master practitioners know something about the Tai Sui that is just starting to be revealed to westerners: he also grants the blessings of good health, wealth and happiness. This makes much more sense to those of use who have long wondered why there would be a god that one could offend just by being a conflicting zodiac sign or by sitting in a direction facing him! This new openness of the Chinese Feng Shui Masters is a welcome change for feng shui enthusiasts.

Some of the best information on Tai Sui (so far) can be found through Feng Shui Best Buy and Lillian Too, both of whom have extensive stores and excellent feng shui cures. From Tai Sui plaques to Pi Yao statues, there are multiple ways to “appease the Grand Duke”. The easiest way to avoid offending this deity is to avoid facing him directly. It is perfectly acceptable to sit one’s back towards that particular direction and makes sense if one thinks of him as the fatherly deity who protects and supports us.

One favorite method of keeping this god happy is to place a Pi Yao statue in his direction. It is said that this comical little beast is a celestial creature who makes the Tai Sui laugh. It also helps that this cute figure is loyal, fiercely protective of its’ owners and just happens to eat gold-so he’s good at gathering and keeping wealth for you (if you want to keep and not spend it-he has no anus, so it doesn’t leave him).

Even if one does not choose to believe in such things as yearly gods or directions that are positive or negative, feng shui still works. The ‘modern’ scientific view would consider such a thing to be preposterous and nothing more than superstitious nonsense but those who have experienced it will just smile and continue to pay attention to the tenets of Flying Star Feng Shui…including the deities. Even rabid Christians can practice this ancient art of energy flow without fear of incurring the wrath of our monotheistic God; it all works together.

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