The Uses Of Circus Stilts

The circus never fails to amaze everyone, from children to grandparents, as it presents striking performances by skilled people. The circus world justifies the use of stilts in their act since stilts originated as a form of entertainment. This happened in China in the seventh century when an emperor desired to watch a new form of entertainment in his palace. In the modern circus, aside from the animal exhibition, flying trapeze, magic, and fire-eating feats, one of the best parts is always the circus stilts number. We see regular-looking performers suddenly transforming into giants while doing their stunts on stilts.

They are the circus stilt performers and with their extended heights, they can be so amazing and funny, too. Usually, they also act as clowns since their roles require them to be funny. However, some circus numbers are serious and breathtaking. These performers stand on stilts made of wood or metal. Their lengthy costumes also add more height to their legs. As part of the circus, the circus stilts performers clown around by walking, running, jumping, dancing, and flying the trapeze. Though this requires concentration, some clowns on stilts can still manage to do their act through a flying trapeze.

Then, there are also the tight wire circus performers. They walk on wires suspended from the ground using stilts while doing some breathtaking and amusing numbers. Tight wire circus performers use stilts that are fitted with a platform at the peg of the stilts to ensure safety while walking on the wire. Circus stilts are also a favorite in Latino dance numbers. With the beat of the Latino samba music, for instance, circus stilt performers dance with the rhythm while playing musical instruments and they can also do ballet or pop numbers.

Stilts come in different styles depending on their function. In the circus, there are two kinds of stilts used: the spring stilt and the peg stilt. The spring stilt is equipped with a spring to allow the user to make long jumps and acrobatic stunts. It is the bounce that is possible with a spring stilt that usually brings amusement to the children. The peg stilt or Chinese stilt is the one commonly used in the circus. This stilt is fully attached to the foot and knee, making it look like real legs. Circus stilts do bring fun to our life. Through them, circus performers can explore their creativity and skills while performing their acts.

Source by Greg Pierce