The Very Best Chinese Teabags I Have Ever Tasted in the World

I went back to Hong Kong and I discovered something call Luk Yu Tea. It’s on sale everywhere, all the supermarkets, teahouses, fast food stores, offices, you name it. So I was tempted to try it. I mean, I am a tea lover myself and I know quite a lot about Chinese Tea, so I gave it a try, didn’t expect too much. So I bought a box of Luk Yu Chinese Teabags from Hong Kong and I was astonished by the flavour and the quality of the tea they use. It is certainly not the low grade tea that most of the well known brand uses. It’s got a mouth-watering taste to it. Not too weak, just the right strength, and now I know why. This is because they put more Chinese tea in their teabags than most other teabag companys.

After trying one of the six flavours, I went to the supermarket and bought the rest to try. I bought Luk Yu Jasmine Teabags, Yunnan Green Teabags, Pu Erh Teabags, Iron-Buddha Teabags, Oolong Teabags and Sow Mei Teabags. Still the best Chinese Teabags I found in Hong Kong.

After my trip, I brought a whole suitcase full of Luk Yu Chinese Teabags and took it back to the UK. Then one day, I was walking in Exeter, walking past St. Thomas Train Station, saw a restaurant call Shanghai Night, so I walked in and checked their food out. I saw an oriental supermarket. As you do, I walked in and had a look. You wouldn’t believe it. The shop was all so well organised, clean and tidy, a very generous selection of food and drink and the staff were all very helpful too. Walked past the drink section, and guess what I found: Luk Yu Chinese Teabags. Luk Yu Chinese Teabags are just everywhere. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Source by Alfred Wong