Tracking Chinese Warships by Their Huge Pollution Signature and Dark Clouds

The Chinese have some 400 Naval Vessels that operate out of 9-major ports, including 65 submarines. The US Navy once had some 600 Navy Ships, but now only has 280 ships. In the recent past, China has been building up its Naval Fleet, and it appears the Treasure Fleet sails again. China now has the largest Navy in the World.

China’s somewhat bizarre behavior and recent hostile activities towards the United States Navy recently has many analysts wondering exactly what are they up too. And how on Earth can we keep track of their secretive intentions as their Navy grows in size to 500, 750 or even 1000 vessels in the next decade?

One though is to track these high pollutant emission ships by their pollution signatures either by satellite or sensor. Interestingly enough the Chinese warships leave a huge amount of emission behind that is really easy to see, and it is unique due to the fuel they use to any other pollutant by any other vessel of any other nation.

One would suppose that the same technique could be used to track US Warships also, however, the US Navy can easily put scrubbers on the smoke stacks of its largest ships. Consider if you will that the US Aircraft Carriers are for the most part Nuclear along with many of its super submarines.

There is a ton of research to back up this concept of tracking Chinese Warships throughout the 7 seas and there is virtually no way, and nowhere for them to hide, so in reality it may not matter how many ships they build in the future. Please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow