Trade Some of Your Dollars For Gold – Maybe It’s Time

The U. S. Government had abandoned the gold standard long ago, so they can print all the fiat currency (U.S. Dollars) they want. This practice has destroyed the stability of our economy by creating long lasting inflation and a decrease in currency values, all of which are becoming more evident in recent times. A higher inflation and lower currency value can be devastating to those who put their trust and confidence in that currency. There will most likely be a breaking point where the uncontrolled printing of more currency will cause it to become completely devalued.

When this happens the stock market will crash, many banks will fail and your money will become worthless paper. The only way to protect yourself, and your assets, is to be smarter than the U.S. Government and own gold, physical gold. By owning gold you will have a universally valued commodity that will not only hold its value, but, will most likely have a drastic increase in value due to the foreign investment in the devalued U.S. Dollar.

Many foreign countries, like China, have already shifted a large amount of their currency reserves from U.S. Dollars to gold. China reported several reasons why it has lost faith in U.S. Currency. One reason is that the Federal Reserve no longer publishes “M3” data which makes it impossible to know just how much cash is being printed. Another reason is the U.S. refuses to reduce deficit spending and continues to print more money just to cover those deficits. The result, the dollar loses value against foreign currency. In fact, China has already lost billions because of holding U.S. Dollars in its reserves. So, if China has already figured out it’s time to trade dollars for gold, maybe you and I should do the same?

Source by Jeff Sneeringer